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Can I teach abroad with DTLLS and FE experience?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by babour, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if someone could help me. I currently teach in FE in media BTEC's amongst other A-Level subjects and am looking to move abroad specifically Vietnam.
    I am having lots of problems in trying to find out about teaching with DTLLS. I just want to know if this will be recognised internationally as well as my BA Hons in Media and Cultural studies. I was not sure it I needed to undertake any addtional qualifications. I am thinking about teaching at an international school and moving with my partner.
    I would really appreciate some help and advice on this as I feel totally under qualified as a lowly FE lecturer. I have four years teaching experience.
    Thanking you in advance for your time.
  2. Hi there babour,
    aww how nice is to see a fellow FE teacher on this forum [​IMG] Like you i am a fully qualified FE lecturer too..and i have 2 years experience teaching..English and Maths Functional Skills, Skills for Life (adult Literacy) ESOL and English Language A-Level...my other half is living and working in the Middle East in Qatar and after having come back from there recently i fell in love with the place and want to move out there with him. Like you i'm finding it difficult to secure myself a job out there....i'm not sure abt Vietnam but definately in the Middle East...all the teaching posts want you to have a PGCE with a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) which you only get having completed PGCE Secondary and then a year as Newly Qualified Teacher which leads to QTS...even Doha college where we could teach A-levels..they require QTS...so am having to go back to uni again to do PGCE Secondary English just so i can cater myself internationally...with an FE qualification we are qualified to teach in UK but it looks like for overseas we're under qualified or maybe just not qualified in the right area for them!
    i only just sent off my application for PGCE secondary last week...so will take me 2 years from now before i join my other half..but it will b worth it in the end...at 27 i didnt thinki would be going back into education again *sighs*
    i hope this helps..whatever you decide to do..i wish all the best and good luck :)
    Pippy x

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