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can i return part time for 12 months and then automatically resume my full time hours?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by teacherandmum, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. sorry for the vague title!
    I am currently on maternity leave until the 21st July 2011 from a full-time permanant contract in a small primary school.
    i requested part time hours (4 day week) in Feb 2009 but this was declined due to financial implications on the school.
    There are now 4 classes ( 3 full time staff teachers and the other class is a jobshare 3days/2days)
    now for my question! I would like to return part time - 4 days preferably but would do 3 days but money would be tight.
    I'd like to know if i can ask to go part time for 12 months but then in July 2012 automatically return to my full time hours? I have a socail worker friend who is allowed 16 months of reduced hours without losing her fulltime contract.
    My school in the past has told other part timers that they must relinquish their fulltime contract for a permanant part time one.
    Where do i stand? My LEA were next to useless when i asked them and i don't pay my union subs while on mat leave (*slap my wrists*!!!)
    Thanks in advance
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    That is correct, although your school can let you revert to a full-time contract if they choose; however, the reason schools do not usually want to do this is that it is very difficult indeed finding a suitable part-time teacher to do the other 'bit' of your contract and it narrows the field even more if they can only give the contract on a fixed-term basis. Essentially, you have the right to request part-time, but what you're thereby requesting is a new contract, not a new contract while it suits you.
  3. so why is my social worker friend allowed to do this even though she is employed by the same council and the Children, Families and Lifelong Learning Team.
    sorry if this seems ignorant - i've always just been full time class teacher and have never needed to deal with contracts/HR stuff!!!!
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You have a different contract from your social worker friend and from all other Council workers too. She might equally ask why she doesn't get to work only 39 weeks a year and have 13 weeks holiday when she works for the same Council as you!
    I'm afraid it's rather academic whether you could get a p/t contract for a year and then be guaranteed a return to f/t as your Head has rejected your request for a return on p/t hours. You have a right to request a p/t return but the Head only has to consider it and does not have to grant it. You must be given a reason for the rejection though.
    You say that your Head has quoted financial reasons. That can't be the wage bill, though, as employing you on 0.8 and a new teacher on 0.2 could actually be cheaper (if the new person is lower on the payscale, for instance. Emploters' NI would also reduce as the new teacher would earn their first £100 per week approximately free of any NI deductions and employers' contributions). I can only assume that the Head means the financial cost of advertising and interviewing for the 0.2 post. Ask if that is the additional cost concerned if you wish to putsue this.
    You might wish to pass all communications on the subject by your Union first and be guided by their advice on whether all procedures have been properly followed.
  5. the previous application 2 years ago was turned dowen due to the financial implications of PPA cover. because PPA time is rounded up this would be be more for a 0.8+0.2 contracts than someone working full time

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