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Can I pick your brains pls re: Clubs?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Dixie1234, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Payroll thinks so! My job d has no hours listed however.
  2. In my setting all teachers are expected to run an after school club especially if you are hoping to get through "threshold" or are a senior member of staff.
    Personally I feel that having taught 30 reception children for 6 hours a day, sorted out activities ready for the next morning, attended numerous meetings and preparing to take work home most evenings - isn't that enough for one day? Oh, and of course we all have a life outside school!
    Give us a break!

  3. As we are returning to work, it got me thinking about the work life balance that most of us teachers don't have. If we are meant to work 1265 hours a year, that works out at 32.5 hours a week. (That's assuming we do NO work at all during ANY of the holidays (think back to report writing in half term, writing schemes of work etc !!) Neither does it take into account the work do in the evenings and the hours we may spend on a Sunday doing a weekly plan !.
    It would be interesting if we all kept a log of the hours we are actually in contact with children or doing something related to our job. I know for a fact, it adds up to more that 32.5 a week and certainly more than 1265 hours a year.
    I don't wish to sound a jobs worth, especially as teaching posts are so scare these days but I'd like a few jobs done around the house - some building and some decorating etc. The last builder I had 5 years ago was charging £150 a day !!. I think the days of teachers being classed as highly paid are long gone. I know many jobs pay less, but lots of jobs pay more !

  4. I absolutely agree. Heads need to be aware that teaching and all the ridiculous time wasting that now seems to be fashionable is more than enough.

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