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Can I make it through to 30 April?!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by happyrabbit, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I can only really sympathise, Georgia. I know from my own recent experience how hideous going into work can be, even if there is only a limited time to it.
    Just one issue:
    It was not of your own making - I know you wouldn't tell a child they deserved to be bullied, and nor do you.
    Is going off sick an option? x
  2. lejanderson

    lejanderson New commenter

    Really sorry to hear you are having a bad time.
    I can completely sympathise with feeling like you have no support. There are times when I have felt like I needed more support than I was getting (I'm in my second year of teaching) and, even though I'm lucky enough to work in a school where the children are well-mannered and compliant, it doesn't make it any easier. It's a very isolating feeling and I really think that some more experienced teachers forget what it's like to be new to the profession. They should know better.
    The bottom line is that it's not right that you are feeling like you are and, bullying and abuse from students aside, the other professionals in the school (especially SMT/SLT) have a responsibility for your wellbeing and pastoral care. Moreover, as an NQT, you have the right to be mentored and it sounds like your "mentor" isn't doing a very good job at all.
    The good news is that you know that there are other schools out there who will treat you how you deserve to be treated and nourish your teaching skills and career. It sounds like you are having a truly awful experience but I would feel sad if it had put you off teaching in a school for good. Would you consider trying somewhere else to complete induction? Even if you never return to a school again, at least you would have your NQT year under your belt.
    I'm afraid that as a new teacher myself I can't offer you a huge lot of advice, only sympathy and encouragement that you deserve a lot more than you are getting. Please don't blame yourself - you are entitiled to support and your school is failing you. You are not failing the school.
  3. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Thank you for your kind replies. I have considered going off sick but in five months I have so far had a day off with a stomach bug and a week off with a chest infection. These were genuine but I am worried that taking more off might look bad on my sickness record especially if my new employer haven't taken up references yet.

    ejanderson-Sorry to hear of your lack of support. I agree that experienced teachers can sometimes forget what it is like to be new to the profession. I looked at a NQT from last year's file that was left in one of the classrooms at school. He has a record of having observations at least once a month from both his hod and mentor and a proper program of training put in place. I haven't had any of this and I wonder whether it is because I am temporary or just because the school have got lazy. Last week I had a particularly bad lesson and suffered a lot of student abuse both verbal and having a calculator thrown at my head. These students were sent to the HOY but were in my lesson again the next day. I heard nothing from the HOY about any sanctions and I was expecting that perhaps an experienced teacher or my mentor might be sent to check everything was ok or to support me but nothing was done.

    I know another school could be better but at the moment I can't even consider spending another term in a school where there is a risk of having a similar experience.
  4. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    I agree with happyrabbit. Their behaviour is appalling because the school lets them get away with it. Would you say to a victim of domestic abuse that it was her own fault?
  5. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    Translation: We have a bunch of lazy, arrogant spoilt brats for whom courtesy and effort are alien concepts and it's all the teacher's fault for making the lesson so boring and for expecting the lazy, arrogant spoilt brats to shut up, listen, and then do something for themselves.
  6. Too true!
    Without sounding harsh, you may just have to grin and bear it. It will go so fast. Try and forget about it over the hols and put the whole thing down to experience. I was in a similar position and had to wait 18 months before I found somewhere else to go. Good Luck.
  7. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Thank you Siegen, your comments made me smile because they really are so true.
    You are right Alison, it will go quickly and I have certainly learnt a lot from my bad experience so I will come away with that at least.
    A very stressful day again, the Year 10 group of difficult students swanning in to the lesson 10 minutes late with no apologies and just a mouth full of verbal abuse to give me. I kept them behind after the lesson as it was lunch time, to make up the time but they all walked out. I spoke to the head of department who said letters would be sent home. This has been done a number of times before and seems to only make their behaviour worse.
    Judging by the fact that one of the girls turned up this week sporting hair extensions that apparantly cost over £200 and another with a large tattoo on her shoulder...I mean when did it become 'normal' for 14/15 year old girls to not only have the access to these large sums of money but to actually be allowed these things?!
  8. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    You're welcome.
    It's not normal; it's abhorrent. I'll bet that neither of these horrors had a pen.
  9. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    No they rarely have pens. I got to the point a couple of months ago where I stopped providing pens and started issuing blunt pencils instead. Funnily enough, I rarely get asked for pens these days.
    I am so angry with my school. My whole NQT experience has been dreadful and I have been left feeling so unsupported. The Year 10 girls have treated me so badly and noone has wanted to help. I phoned in sick the last few days before the holidays because I just could not cope any longer. Even though I only have 2 weeks after Easter, I am dreading it.
    When my mentor observed my lesson, he even said that more experienced teachers would not be putting up with the type of classes I have. He said that they would have refused to teach them or gone to their union. He also told me that the teacher from the previous year had gone awol and never returned, leaving things in an absolute mess for the postholder who I am currently covering.
    Part of me wants to really get my classes in order in the last fortnight and show the misbehaving students that there are consequences to their actions. I just don't know how I am going to do it successfully.
  10. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    Just shows you what spineless management are like, no doubt hiding behind that drivel you quote in your OP about being in a affluent area, etc. etc.
    Go in on the first day after Easter and go sick again. The school and those horrible brats don't deserve a decent teacher, and you deserve better than to have your health affected by their feral behaviour and the management's acquiescent complicity.
    And good luck in your new job.

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