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Can I look at your planning?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by shikara, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. celago22

    celago22 Established commenter

    Wow, that's insane.
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    I disagree completely. Three learning walks a week is far too many.

    They are done by a lovely head/SLT who simply pop round most days to stick their head round the door, say hello and be seen...and occasionally join in the lesson. Then as many as they want are fine.
  3. meggyd

    meggyd Lead commenter

    Three visits by head to say well done and to pick up naughties is fine.....yeah and when does that happen nowadays?
  4. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    In my school...:p
    Ok so now I'm in nursery I don't have naughties as such, but he has been known to help sort out toileting accidents!
    And sometimes he says thank you for something or well done to the children for whatever.

    I still freak out on the days he asks me to pop in and see him at break though! He's used to that now and only does that very shortly before said break so I don't fret all morning...:rolleyes:
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  5. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    Three learning walks a week is just ridiculous! Unless the definition of a 'learning walk' really varies from school to school. We generally have about 3 per year from HT and DH, plus the occasional one from subject co-ordinators. Book scrutinies are two per year in Maths and English. Other subjects manage one during the year if they can. Planning is not handed in; we do occasionally have a 'planning share' for the next half term staff meeting, but this is genuinely supportive - we are a one form entry, so teachers have no year partner to plan with.
  6. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    We did well in the GCSEs but I think we are all expecting a lot more scrutiny this year. I expect I will be marking something most days next term.

    Still - the mood on the first day back this year will be a lot better than it was last year after pretty awful results.
  7. shikara

    shikara New commenter

  8. shikara

    shikara New commenter

    Yes, I was given a directive, yes I did follow it but in an unthreatening manner with an explanation of why I had been asked to do this. As I said in my original post some of the staff were obstructive. Surprise surprise those that were, proved to be our weakest teachers - a fact proved by observations both formal and informal. These teachers have now been given support and apart from one whose heart really wasn't in teaching, are all doing well and are planning and teaching to good effect. There were many assumptions made in the comments I received but thank you to those of you who offered an alternative perspective.
  9. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Oh dear, that would have been me, as my planning often consisted of a heading for that lesson. I had enough experience to teach the lesson without anything else, and I could react to how the students were doing rather than following a written plan. I never had any bad observations, but perhaps I would have done in your school.
  10. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Surprise surprise, someone questions your methods and suddenly they are found to be in need of a 'support' plan!
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  11. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    On supply at the moment. Spend a couple of hours planning on Friday for this week. Monday and Tuesday's plans for all lessons fitted on one side of A4 (and I left at least 3 lines blank between each lessons so I could scribble a note or two when teaching). I think I would be on support in the OP's school probably where someone with 20 fewer years in the classroom tells me how to 'improve'!
  12. MissGeorgi

    MissGeorgi Occasional commenter

    You should only apply this to NQTs and junior members of staff as a supportive approach. Why do you think planning is causing a shortfall in results? Could it not be something else?

    Are you really expecting a teacher with say twenty year’s experience to show you a detailed plan for every lesson, for every term? Haha.
  13. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I think it might be a wind up as the way the title is phrased is red rag to a bull these days. But did she ever say lesson plans, did she ever say that teaching and learning was great and only the paper work was at fault, did she ever say she was wet behind the ears barely qualified youngster. I didn't read the whole thread but I think you all filled in a lot of gaps for her.

    Also its @shikara who keeps digging up this thread, so she's obviously bored. I bet you've made her day. And just by checking that out I've fallen for it too. I must get out more.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
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  14. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    Here are my lesson plans for an English elective for a term:

    BuffyVamp.com/Who’s Got a Stake in it?

    Year 10 English - Term 3 22/7/2001

    Week One (16-20/7)

    1* Introduction. Us & Them. Goals. Research Tasks.

    2 Research.

    3* Research report back.Welcome to the Hellmouth (1-PG)

    4* Research report back.Welcome to the Hellmouth (1-PG)

    Week Two (23-27/7) 26. VCE Cur Day

    1* Assignment (due 30/7)

    2* Assignment/extracts

    3 Assignment NB Due 30/7

    Week Three (30/7-3/8)

    1* Collect assign. BuffyLog(due 15/10)

    2* Extended Project (due 29/10)

    3* Harvest (2-PG)

    4 Work on log.

    Week Four (6-10/8)

    1* Issue (due 13/8)

    2 Issue

    3 Issue

    4 Issue NB Due 13/8)

    The Witch (3-PG)

    Week Five (13-17/8)

    1 Collect issue.The Witch (3-PG) - script only. Work on log

    2 The Witch (3-PG) - script only. Work on log

    3 Work on log

    4 Work on log

    Week Six (20-24/8)

    1 TV reviews (due 27/8)

    2 TV reviews NB due 27/8

    3 TV reviews

    4 TV reviews NB due 27/8

    Teacher’s Pet(4- )

    Week Seven (27-31/8)

    1 Collect TV review.Never Kill a Boy on a First Date (5-PG)

    2 Never Kill a Boy on a First Date (5-PG)

    3 Logs

    4 Logs

    Week Eight (3-7/9) 7. Curric. Day

    1 Issue (due 10/9)

    2 Issue

    3 Issue

    The Pack (6-M)

    Year 10 English - Term 3

    Week Nine (10-14/9)

    1 Collect Issue. Angel (7-PG)

    2 Angel (7-PG)

    3 Logs

    4* Reading - CRC. book review due 12/10

    Week Ten (17-21/9) 21. PT interviews

    1 Logs/reading NB BR due 12/10

    2 Logs/reading NB Log due 17/10

    3 Logs/reading NB BR due 12/10

    I Robot You Jane (8-PG)

    Puppet Show (9-PG)


    Term Four

    12/10 Book Report

    Out of Sight Out of Mind(11-M)

    17/10 log

    Prophecy Girl (12-M)

    29/10 extended project

    12/11 presentation

    M-rated episodes require parental permission. Otherwise an alternate PG-rated episode will be shown.

    That amount of detail is standard where I come from.
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  15. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    Here are some year 8 lesson plans for a term:

    8T English Term 1 2003 10/1/2003

    Week 1 (27-31/1) 27. AUSTDAY 28. Staff

    1* Course Introduction and Expectations. Introduce self to partner, who writes it and reports to group/class

    2* Comprehension: McBroom & the Big Wind- collect.

    3* Comprehension: Witchend(due 6/2 end class).

    Week 2 (3-7/2)

    1 Comprehension: Witchend. NB Comp due Thu

    2 Comprehension: Witchend- collect.

    3* Silent reading: journal/network - CRC

    Week 3 (10-14/2) 10. Swimming

    1* Folio piece (due 13/2 end class).

    2 Folio piece - collect.

    3 Silent reading NB TiAMon

    Week 4 (17-21/2)

    1* Text in Action

    2* Ice Age- VCR.

    3 Silent reading

    Week 5 (24-28/2)

    1* Text in Action

    2 Ice Age

    3 Ice Age

    4 Silent reading

    Week 6 (3-7/3) 3-7. Y8 camp

    8T English Term 1 2003 16/3/2003

    Week 7 (10-14/3) 10. Labor Day

    1* My Week in Canberra/Melbourne/School (due Mon)

    2* Ice Age- due Fri. Love is Blind

    3 Collect Ice Age. Silent reading

    Week 8 (17-21/3)

    1* Collect work. Text in Action NB LIB due 20/3

    2* Collect LIB. Parts of Speech

    3 Silent reading (BR due 28/3)

    Week 9 (24-28/3)

    1* Text in Action NB BR due 28/3

    2* Sentences

    3 Sentences NB BR due 28/3

    4 Silent reading - collect BR

    Week 10 (31/3-4/4)

    1* Text in Action

    2* Full Stops etc

    3 Silent reading

    Week 11 (7-11/4) 9. P-T Interviews

    1* Text in Action

    2 Full Stops etc

    3 Silent reading


    I guess I wouldn’t survive in England.
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  16. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I did, for 12 years, then retired of my own accord. My plans were similar in length, and nobody seemed to care as long as my lessons were OK. I suppose it depends on school rather than country.
  17. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    We don't have to submit any lesson plans at all, we just use our planners for our own reference. As long as we stick to the scheme of work we're fine.
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  18. friedgreentomatoes

    friedgreentomatoes Star commenter

    We don't have to submit lesson plans, just follow the scheme of work; I usually write a couple of bullet points in my planner for each lesson.

    I really, really want to study Christopher Curtis' Buffy course though!
  19. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    You might be right, but there seem to be many schools in England that have gone overboard on micro-management.
  20. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    The course went so well the first year that there were two classes in the second. I’m not sure how it would go now given that Buffywas a ‘90s show.

    This was my submission to get the course approved in the school:


    I wish to offer a course for year 10 English next year based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the course we will study themes related to horror stories, teenage angst, religious imagery, social values, cultural change and the US domination of world culture, advertising, media, creativity, good and evil (or should that be appropriateness and inappropriateness?).

    We will develop skills in research, reading (through relevant literature, academic commentaries - see attached, TV and film reviews), in critical watching, in writing (comprehension exercises, critical analysis of thematic material, presentations of points of view on related issues), in speaking and listening (through oral presentations and acting out). We will examine the reasons for the success of the series and its cultural reference points.

    We will study film-making techniques and, equipment willing and able, demonstrate them.

    Students will present a number of pieces of work examining and/or presenting teenage culture, horror and spoof writing and films.

    I will use episodes from the first series (in some cases, including the advertisements) as these are in the main rated PG.

    Cross Subject Connections

    Woodwork: You’re pretty sharp, Mr Pointy.

    Physics: What sort of quantum leap makes a staked vampire explode into a small pile of dust?

    Mathematics: How many vampires can fit on the point of a stake?

    Legal Studies: What does the US Constitution say about the rights of vampires?

    Environmental Science: Where was Greenpeace when the Master met his end?

    Religious Studies: Are you sure you’re the Anointed One?

    English: Is teen language language?

    History: Whatever happened to Count Vlad?

    Geography: Transylvania - that’s a privatised train company, isn’t it?

    Art: How did Sunnydale escape modern architecture - and can we move there please?

    Textiles: Cordelia, doesn’t that dress come in your size?

    CRC Studies: Books - what are they, Giles?

    Foods: Is Blood Pudding Angel’s favorite food?

    Computer Studies: Willow, is that an Apple for the teacher?

    Sport Ed: Are you sure you didn’t mean to burn down the gym, Buffy?

    LOTE: Is that ancient squiggly writing meant to be French..... or Indonesian?

    Biology: That’s enough prac, Xander.

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