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Can I get work experience?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by h-bar, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. I'm embarking upon a career change.

    I took my A levels 20 years ago. I got an A in maths. I then studied the first two years of a three year physics degree, dropping out for non academic reasons. I spent 10 years working as a journalist and then setup as a consultant in a related field.

    I'm now doing a maths degree at the OU and would like to teach the subject to A-level. I know that I'll need a degree before I can get a PGCE.

    I was wondering whether it is possible to get experience of teaching in the meantime? Are schools likely to be interested in an unqualified person with maths tuition? Is there a national policy on this or is it down to the individual school and if that is the case who should I contact?

  2. DM

    DM New commenter

  3. DM has a link above for you.
    You may also look at teaching full time as an UQT. Find a school who will support your degree, training and development and do the GTP through the school and their teacher training provider.
    You don't need a degree to teach, you need one to hold QTS. I know a fair few fantastic teachers who 'study on the job' and then qualify through the school. This is far more financially viable for those 'middle aged' folk. I may be way off the mark but the PGCE at the OU is a little....well....distant....
  4. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Before I applied for my PGCE I spent a few weeks working in a local comprehensive as a volunteer TA. I wrote to Heads of Department and had a postive response. It was very useful experience.
  5. You're not way off the mark! It is a little distant but was the path recommended by the TDA. I shall definitely follow up on your advice. Thanks.
  6. And thanks DM and Bombaysaphire; useful info.
  7. alabaster

    alabaster New commenter

    I also did my degree at an 'older' age through the OU but did my PGCE with a local university rather than through the PGCE as it meant I didn't have to look for schools for school experience myself and was more likely to get schools closer to home (depends where you live and what schools the OU has connections with). I found financially the PGCE wasn't a bad year with the £9K bursary (don't know if current government is still offering that) as the £9K was tax free, GTP paying tax would have worked out similarly, and I felt PGCE was more academic and may be more widely accepted. I have had no problems getting jobs after qualifying at an 'older age' and non-traditional career route.
    Getting volunteer or other work with local schools would be a good idea so that you know what teaching is like. Approaching local schools is a good idea. I know a school where I used to work employed a lot of people via this route!

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