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Can I do this in the slow cooker?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by beckycharles, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hello there lovely cookery forum folk,
    I fancy making this:
    Do you think I can make it in the slow cooker? Trying to use it much more than I do at the moment. If so, how long would you leave it?
  2. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I can't find the recipe...typing the address into my address bar took me to a finance page!
    But, most recipes can be done in the slow-cooker (especially the one-pot recipes) - just check the amount of liquid.
    If the slowcooker is on 'Auto' I'd leave it most of the day...prepare in the morning, switch on, and leave until dinner-time!
  3. Thanks, Bethannie, don't know why the link didn't work. I think it will probably need less liquid!
  4. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    I copied the link and pasted it the browser. There's a lot of gear in that recipe. 16 pieces of chicken, a chorizo ring, 2 onions, 4 peppers, two cans of tomatoes and 3 cans of kidney beans.
    Are you sure you'd fit it all into a slow cooker?
    And according to the recipe, it only takes an hour to cook the way they suggest.
    I've got to be honest, I've never eaten anything from a slow cooker that wouldn't have been cooked better another way, and chicken in particular, in my opinion becomes tasteless and cloying on the palatte when stewed and over-cooked.

  5. You've never tried my roast lamb then

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