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Can I do it?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by todd89, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. todd89

    todd89 New commenter

    I have a degree in sport development with coaching through which I have gained a vast amount of coaching experience, I currently work as a cover supervisor and hopefully I will be going to work in one school in the PE department till next September to familiarise myself with the role of a teacher.

    I have a pretty good understanding of the theoretical aspect of PE while having only a limited knowledge on a number of sports in PE, but the volunteering and cover supervisor experience, however, will help me gain such practical knowledge.

    With regards to putting across this knowledge, I have a good understanding of learning objectives, success criteria as well as an idea of AFL - BUT NOT IN PRACTICE

    THEREFORE, I feel that I would not know where to start if I was to undertake the GTP!

    I have unwavering passion to become a teacher; however, I do not want to get a place, if I do, and feel out of my depth!

    Do I need a lot more experience?
  2. You won't feel out of your depth doing a GTP, you're slowly introduced teaching when the school thinks you're ready.

    I am currently starting a GTP course and I feel confident about how this year will go despite having very little in classroom experience (no more than 3-4 months). Obviously I have the same worries as others starting a new course and becoming accustomed to it but if you get onto a GTP course you have to remember you have probably been chosen out of 100s that applied for the place. They must see something in you to offer you a place in the first place.

    Just go for it, nothing to lose, everything to gain. If you feel later on that a PGCE is more suitable then keep your options open. You won't hear back from GTP's until Easter-ish so you could have a PGCE place sorted by then which you can always fall back on.
  3. I did a GTP two years ago in primary education but feel I will be able to offer some advice. You sound as though you have gained lots of valuable experience so far - this will be great for your interview. In terms of 'being ready' - you will be eased in gently by your school and expected to make mistakes so dont worry, go for it!

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