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Can I change to EYFS from Secondary?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by rsc12, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. rsc12

    rsc12 New commenter

    I am a Secondary English teacher who had just completed my RQT when I went on maternity leave for a year. I find myself missing working with young children, and a job has come up for Nursery Teacher at a Primary School local to me, and I can't find any information online that says whether or not I'd have to retrain as a nursery teacher. I have 5 years of nursery nursing experience prior to my PGCE and still know the EYFS pretty well. Is my Secondary QTS and my Nursery Nursing qualification enough to be considered? Any advice would be great!
  2. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    of course its enough to be considered. Apply and see what happens
  3. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    Yes it's valid, but you may be up against candidates with a lot more experience than you. But I work with quite a few nursery teachers who have come down from older age groups, it's a learning curve but if you want to do it, then go for it.
  4. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    You are perfectly well qualified and have good enough experience.
    Give it a go and see.
  5. ChaiLattePlease

    ChaiLattePlease New commenter

    I trained in secondary originally. I had no problems moving to teach younger students (initially KS1 and then Reception). Go for it! Good luck.

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