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Can I be made to do this?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by JodiP, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. JodiP

    JodiP New commenter

    I don't think that is reasonable at all. Were you given an original deadline? Is this the first time you have been told of a deadline? Have you got many frees between now and Friday, if not, when does she expect you to do it? Do you have a good relationship with your head? Is it worth going to see the head first and explaining the situation showing that you have expressed your concerns and asked for help. No one can criticise you for that. Explain that while you are not refusing to do it, you need a reasonable amount of time to complete the work and you have asked for help - after all, you wouldn't want to disadvantage the candidates by marking it incorrectly.

    I suspect that this 2 i/c is in a panic and trying the bullying/threatening tactic. Call her bluff...go to the head first!
  2. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    Also, it might be worth checking if the 2 i/c is actually doing the job of deputising for the HoD, whether paid or not.
    Bad news: you can be directed to do other things if your timetable is light, which doesn't mean that people can just arbitrarily impose unrealistic deadlines just because they don't do their job properly.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone!
    I went to see the 2 i/c today to ask for some help (personally rather than over email). I explained to her that this deadline had never been given to me other than by her. This is a y10 class and coursework isn't in officially so I see no reason why it has to be in so soon. She basically ranted at me for close to 15mins about how I was incompetent at my job and that she will be taking this further. I decided to lodge a complaint with my union and have also booked an appointment to see the head tomorrow morning!
  4. banjouk

    banjouk New commenter

    Have you gone on the exam boards moderators meeting? Some exam boards insist that teachers marking coursework attend a local meeting with the area moderator to go through the process of marking papers and the type of coursework being set.
    It might be worth asking the question to the 2nd in Dept about the exam boards policy on this matter, or looking it up on their website.

  5. What a rude woman. I would have no compunction about relaying her unprofessional behaviour to your HT. I don't see how she could take it further as it is her error she would be reporting - sounds like hot air to me! Good luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes x
  6. My major problem would not be so much with the deadline - which is obviously unreasonable.
    But really - marking the coursework - surely she should do that for you as you are out of your subject speciality. It would be very good practice - as they have no idea if you have been covering things properly and marking the coursework would be the best way of making sure everything was on track. It's the Hod and in their absence the 2ic responsibility - the buck stops with them. If it was me I'd like to satisfy myself that everything was ticking along nicely at this point. It gives time to advise you of any little things you may understandably have missed etc.

  7. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    If they trust the OP enough to teach the subject, they should trust them enough to assess it (with guidance).
  8. Thanks for further replies from people.
    In September I was given a folder with master copies of unit booklets needed to cover through the course of this year. Other than that I have had relatively no support at all. I don't feel confident in this subject at all but I have tried to make the best of a bad situation.
    Personally I don't think I should be marking the coursework as I am not a subject specialist but I am prepared to do this with some guidance. The 2 i/c is now acting hod so I really feel that they are just trying to stamp out their authority.
  9. JodiP

    JodiP New commenter

    Good luck tomorrow, stay calm, presemt your case and let us know how it goes

    ps - I would start logging all emails and conversations such as this in case you need to refer back to them ata ny point.
  10. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    That is nowhere near acceptabe and probably breaches half a dozen policies.
    Line managers who think they are there to boss you when they are actually there to support to you are clearly way out of their depth. You are right to bring in your union, and good luck with the head.
  11. The 2nd i/c is probably taking out her stresses out on you. They are probably feeling out of their depth with the long term absence of the HoD. Not that I am excusing her behaviour, there is nothing worse than a colleague berating you. I had it happen to me in the corridor once infront of kids! Hope you get it sorted.
  12. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Hi MMTWGR, firstly, hope the production was a success! I think only other music teachers appreciate how much work, blood sweat and tears go into a musical production (and other folk who are reasonable!) and obviously no.2 doesn't think this is important to the school.
    She is being totally unreasonable and cowardly. She would have had more chance of getting what she wanted if she had spoken to you personally. If you'd had more time you could have asked her to mark some of your coursework to ease your load a bit - then she maybe wouldn't be so bossy!
    I really think that people in charge (even acting) should have some kind of aptitude training as a few of them don't know how to speak to us never mind how to react to the consequences of their ill-thought out words and actions.
    Anyway, good luck with your HT - and keep us up-dated with the result!
  13. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    I hope you reported this Alison? These bullies get away with too much and the way to stop them is to put in a complaint, then a 2nd if need be and take it further after that. I have always found that in 30 years of teaching, it's rarely the pupils who cause me major problems - it's their parents or other teachers. Head teachers know that they have a duty of care to their staff.
  14. To be honest I was a bit shocked! But I did go and have it out with her after school when we were not being watched by children. She did apologise and we just moved on from it, she left not long after. Yes I agree other teachers and parents do cause the most problems for me too :)
  15. They are daft if they trust a non-specialist, who has been given it as a timetable filler. If I was the HoD I would mark the coursework myself.
    1. To reassure myself that everything was going OK
    2. To relieve my collegue of a task which would be very difficult for them, but quite easy for me.
  16. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    You've got to love effective leadership, haven't you!
    Ha ha! Probably from the room next door as well; is she so spineless that she couldn't have come to see you and offer help or even just deliver the threat in person?
    Print out the email and take it to the head yourself. Explain that you are more than prepared to do the marking, but that you don't feel you could really give it your best shot and do it accurately on such a tight deadline and were relying on the Easter hols to give it all of your attention and get it right.
    es, very. You can't be expected to complete that much marking at such short notice and be accurate; next thing you know she'll be complaining the marks aren't correct. Seems to me that she's screwed up her job somewhere along the line and is passing it on to you instead of taking responsibility.
  17. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Eva, I love this reply!
  18. Hi all,
    Thanks for all the help and advice you have given me! The meeting with the head was a complete success (which was a surprise as we haven't always seen eye to eye). I took the emails along to show him and he agreed that this was totally unreasonable. Upshot is that I don't have to do the marking at all (result!!!!). He told the 2i/c (who was present for the meeting- not my decision) that she was responsible for the marking not me and that I could not be expected to do this without any training and on such a short time frame with the school prodcution to put on (which was fab btw). I know that this will probably make me even more unpopular with the 2i/c but I really don't care!
    Thanks once again [​IMG]
  19. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    Brilliant news: one of life's little victories. Well done. Also proves that not all HTs are ogres, unlike the 2 i/c who's been found out.
    Enjoy your Easter break. You've earned it.

    ROSIEGIRL Senior commenter

    We like!

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