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Can I be awarded my NQT early?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by ats1984, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Right let me share my situation, I was awarded my QTS last July after completing my PGCE. My gf and
  2. Sorry my computer has a mind of its own. Let me start again
    Right let me share my situation, I was awarded my QTS last July after completing my PGCE. My gf of 5 years, decided that she wanted to study in Oz and be closer to her family who have moved there in the last 10 years. We both decided this is what we wanted. So my intention was to finish my NQT and then I will follow her out. I did not get a job straight away, I secured and started my post after the first half term (6 weeks into the year on a temp contract till the end of JULY 2011). So by the time I finish in July I will have 2.5 term experience, I just wanted to know for the sake of 6 weeks is there a possibility that my NQT could be awared early. I am performing above expectation in my school and going beyond call in some of the things i am doing. My mentor has said she has read somewhere this can be done but is not 100%. Obviously it does not effect them know that I am moving to Oz after my NQT as it is only a temp contract and I would be out of a job anyway. Could anyone advise further.
  3. The only way that induction can be shortened is if you can provide exceptional cirumstances (normally illness) which the LA agree. Then induction can only be reduced by up to 29 days and only if all the standards have been met in full and the school recommends a pass. The other reduction for inmduction is for women on maternity leave who, again, can apply for a reduction provided all the standards are met.
    I think that emigrating would not count, but just to be sure do contact the LA and ask them - ultimately they are the only body who can reduce induction. Even then, if it is one day over the 29 days i.e. 30 days or more, they cannot reduce the inductfion period.

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