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Can head change my working arrangements?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Gorannel, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I have been a job-share teacher for almost 20 years and have had 3 job-share partners in that time. I have worked from R to Yr 4 in the same First School in that time. The Head has just announced to my job-share partner (not me!) that from April I will be covering PPA and that the Deputy Head (who has been doing the PPA) will take my role. Currently my job-share partner and I work 2 and a half days each week but actually work from Wednesday lunch to the next Wednesday lunch - so a week on, a week off. We have had this regime for almost 4 years. This would end and we would all work set days.
    I have many concerns but not least what appears to be a significant change to my contract as I would no longer be working as a job-share but in fact doing a part time job.
    Can the Head do this? I know to contact the union and have already made an initial query. Just interested to get some views.
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    This is not my area of expertise.... but my thoughts are that if there are good business reasons for the change your head can. Job-share effectively means you are employed part-time already, and what is being proposed is an alternative way of arranging your hours.
  3. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    The head can deploy teaching staff however (s)he sees fit - it is up to your head whether you have your own class or do PPA cover.
    I don't know how it stands re: your head changing the days that you actually work - if your contract specifies your current arrangement then your head will have a problem changing it. If your contract just says 0.5 then I think your head can decide when the 0.5 is although I would imagine they have to give you notice about any changes.
    It seems odd that your head is making this change at Easter. I would definitely talk to your union to clarify things.
  4. Surely my contract is to job-share thus cover a class with my job-share partner. I see this as different from a part time post because of the way in which this can be assessed re pay etc. A class teacher must be paid a full salary. 2 job-share teachers must between them command a full salary. Part time is, to my mind, a less secure option that is open to having hours altered etc much more easily.
  5. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    I share a class and sometimes refer to it as a jobshare, but also refer to it as working part time. I am aware that the head can deploy any staff as they please and that would include getting me to do PPA cover. I am paid a set percentage of my full time salary, my hours are set in my contract with the school and on record at the County Staffing dept and cannot be changed without formal notice and my agreement. I believe that because I specified what hours I wanted when I first went part time, and that it was agreed to at the time, means that those hours cannot be changed without consultation. However, another member of staff only had the 0.5 specified and has had their hours changed on more than one occasion. Ask to see your contract and see which one applies to you.

  6. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Don't know what the answer is here, but surely it makes better sense for the Deputy to continue with the satus quo and cover PPA. I currently work in a middle school so PPA is not covered in the same way as in first/primary, the children are timetables with another (usually) full time teacher. In our first schools any teaching commitment by SLT is usually always to cover the PPA.
  7. HI
    Our PRU has just been merged with another. so their head teacher is now our new head teacher. Due to the set up at our old unit we teach KS4 pupils in the morning and then they go home, we have an hour for lunch and then the KS3 pupils arrive to be taught for the afternoon session. All teachers teach a full 5 hours teaching time every day. only 15 mins break in the morning and an hour for lunch when no pupils are on the premises.. Our PPA time was taken in a block of 10% of our teaching time.. fitting into the timetable accordingly. For example my 2.2 hours was on a Friday afternoon. Now our new head has decided to cut our dinner hour to half an hour and the other 30 mins is to be taken as PPA time.. Is this legal or acceptable? Now we are being asked to teach longer hours and have our lunch time reduced and it feels like we have no PPA time now.
    any advice would be very helpful before I take this further .
  8. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    no lunch time limit set in STPCD - just says "reasonable". Employment legislation says 20mins per 6 hour shift. So yes, legal
    PPA min of 10% - you didn't make it clear if you are getting this - can be taken in blocks of not less than 30 mins. So yes, legal

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