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Can FE teachers without QTS teach A-levels in secondary schools?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Tekko, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Can FE teachers without QTS teach A-levels in secondary schools?
  2. Hi
    Can FE teachers without QTS teach A-levels in secondary schools?
  3. Remains to be seen. As mentioned in other posts in this forum, the DfE appear to have agreed with recommendations made which include FE teachers being allowed to teach in schools. However there would need to be a change in law to make this formalised. I think the advice is, apply but it is likely that a QTS will get preference over a QTLS. Good luck.
  4. Apparently so, but I believe only to teach school children of ages 14+? Certain courses in schools it was felt could benefit from having lecturers with industry experience deliver classes... I think that was the whole point of the parity changes, to enable this. To me, this screams of Food Tech, Music, Art, Drama, Textiles, Ceramics etc... but strictly speaking A-Levels aren't delivered at Secondary Schools are they? Did you mean sixth forms?
    In theory then, yes, FE Lecturers are now able to teach in schools (to 14+ I think) but in reality, they will be competing with QTS qualified teachers for teaching posts. Remains to be seen how that will pan out!
  5. Thanks for the replies!
  6. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    In the school where I am on PGCE placement, there are FE qualified staff who don't have QTS teaching Child Care and Dance, they are not A Levels but are level 3 qualifications and the teachers are being paid on the main teacher scale.
  7. planb

    planb New commenter

    Are you sure they are on the main teacher scale? If so, they are very fortunate. I taught for many years in FE and Sixth Form. Currently I teach AS and A2 in a school but, as I do not have QTS, I am on the unqualified teachers' pay scale. I am unable to move up in either pay or career.
    I would only move sector as a last resort unless you teach a national curriculum subject and are able to teach at KS4 as well as KS5. If so, you may be able to gain QTS and then you would have no problems!
  8. planb

    planb New commenter

    Absolutely right! Schools have to give the job to those with QTS. If they fail to find someone with QTS for the post, they can appoint an 'Instructor' but as far as I am aware, this can only be on a fixed term contract, (up to 12 months I believe), as they must continue to search for someone with QTS to fill the post. For some subjects this may not be the most appropriate person but simply the one with the right piece of paper. There are other subjects, beyond those you have listed, which are often taught by those with 'industry experience' who possess a relevant degree eg Psychology, Law and Government and Politics. These are not widely taught at KS4 and so, should you have a degree in one of those subjects, it is difficult to gain QTS.
    Following the publication of Professor Wolf's report, Michael Gove announced that he would allow "further education lecturers to teach in school classrooms on the same basis as qualified teachers." Furthermore he promised to clarify "rules on allowing industry professionals to teach in schools." As you say Ska83gbr it 'remains to be seen how that will pan out!'

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