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Can anyone tell me about "Incredimail"?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by markuss, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    I've acquired a disc of animations to add a bit of fun to my personal emails.
    Found I need to install something called "Incredimail"?
    Anyone use it? Any good? Any snags?
  2. Very nice to begin with. Then you realise it's a bloated, slow, resource hog. Still, if you want fancy animations and whacky mail notifications then give it a go. :¬))
  3. Don't do it.
    What do you (honestly) think when you receive an email with loads of 'amusing' smilies and animations? I imagine an internet novice, possibly a person in their 40s-50s who has seen little of life but still wants to consider themselvfes 'with-it', who is easily impressed by silly gimmicks and incredibly naíve about web security.
    Oh it must be the heat. I'm grumpy and judgemental today and not afraid to show it.
  4. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Thanks, both.

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