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Can anyone suggest a spelling scheme for Year 5/6?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by patches, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. patches

    patches New commenter

    Links would be good too! Thanks
  2. patches

    patches New commenter

    Links would be good too! Thanks
  3. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    Looked at these but seem a bit simple for 5 and 6 depending on levels of course. I have a booklet I downloaded from dfes and another booklet I use which concentrate on patterns and root words. When 'teaching to the test'I find this is the best method for the majority of class.
    e.mail me and I will send if you want. jolower@aol.com
  4. My starting point is the KS2 Spelling Bank. I then come up with activities either from Smartboards I downloaded from the national whiteboard network (when it was working)or my own.I sometimes use Andrew Brodie Spelling for Literacy or Teaching Spelling from Hopscotch publishing. The school bought in Nelson Thornes (before I worked there) but I am not impressed with it and most teachers have now abandoned it.
  5. Like bsaca I use the spelling bank and cover anything they unsure of as a starting points eg changing tense/double consonants etc...before i challenge them with more tricky words.
  6. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

  7. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    EBD they look great. The year 5 ones would be absolutely fine for Year 6 too.

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