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Can anyone recommend a French song on food?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by newlyqualified08, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Hi :)

    Not asking for any illegal download links, but I'm a non-specialist french teacher and have to teach KS3 french, my knowledge is only up to A Level standard so I'm a bit nervous!

    Can anyone recommend the name of a french song that talks about food? If you could name the song I would do a search for lyrics and even pay for a legal download!

    Or of anyone can recommend a fun an interesting lesson on food that'd be fantastic :)

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. templing

    templing Occasional commenter

    There's the classic "J'ai bien mangé, j'ai bien bu". The clip must be somewhere on Youtube or Dailymotion
    Apart from that, there's the Bourvil classic "Salade de fruits" (not many items mentioned but hey, better than nothing).
    The Fou de Fa Fa youtube clip (several items of food are mentioned) would be good to get them interested.
  3. Cestrian

    Cestrian New commenter

  4. Thanks both of you for your replies [​IMG]

  5. "Salade de fruits" is likely to go down well I think . Another 'classic' is the song that's often taught to scout cubs/brownies and which goes through the alphabet mentioning various things a scout troop does , including cooking a meal ("Un jour la troupe campa")
    Despite being French I can't really think of many modern songs that mention food , although you could try Benabar's "Le diner" (sadly it only mentions pizza and dinner parties) , and Camille's song "Le Festin" which they might be familiar with anyway (since it was on the Ratatouille soundtrack)
    Hope this helps !

  6. On second thought I'd also highly recommend Thomas Fersen's upbeat 'Croque' which tells the story of a gourmet gravedigger (and plays on the French 'croque mort' (undertaker) and 'croquer' (to bite into) who goes around a cemetery tending disused land as a vegetable patch and can't bear long burials because his stomach groans
    It mentions many different kinds of food including beer , pork chops, croque monsieur (ham and cheese sandwich) , various kinds of vegetables like potatoes and mushrooms and is a funny song
  7. Charlotte Diamond's "Je suis une pizza". It lists lots of pizza ingredients. It's a teaching song, not an authentic one, but it's always been a hit with my students. (Warning: Once you've heard it you'll hear it in your head for the rest of the day...)
    The original recording of it starts with a very operatic wail that always takes them by surprise and usually makes them laugh. Then they enjoy singing along. The words are in numerous places online. The actual song is available on the US version of itunes - I don't know about the UK one (but would be interested to know!) Or you can buy the CD "Qu'il y ait toujours le soleil".
    If you don't have time to get the CD and UK itunes doesn't have it, you can learn the tune by watching a video of a precocious little girl singing along to the recording on youtube (if you can bear it :)). You can also hear Charlotte Diamond's English version of the song on youtube.
    Sophie singing along:
    Audio of the English version by Charlotte Diamond (who is Canadian) herself. Less entertaining, but it gives you the tune:
    Charlotte Diamond's web site, with teaching suggestions. (Her "Belle pieuvre" is quite good, too.):

  8. littlemac

    littlemac New commenter

    I've just spent 79p on I-tunes for je suis une pizza so thanks for the tip! Hopefully Year 8's will appreciate it!
  9. Hi Petite Joueuse!
    I too adore Les Cornichons - but you need to make sure that you're a little careful of your audience - first time I watched it with my class I was flabbergasted that the picture of the naked body (face down!) on the picnic table had escaped me! Fine for the Year 10s and 11s, maybe a touch too delicate for the Year 7s!

    Only thing is, it stays in your head forever...., "doo do do do doo!"
  10. Geekie

    Geekie Occasional commenter

    Heehee Les Cornichons - sooooo 60s !
  11. J'ai soif, j'ai faim from the French songbook Singing French(www.acblack.com)
    Miam,miam, c'est delicieux! from french songbook Chantez plus fort
    Hope this helps!!!

  12. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    My layest obsession with teaching through songs is via Youtube. Google `Alain le Lait` songs in French,for children. There are songs on numbers,animals,colours, parts of the body,food et al. Very funny ,very catchy music and Years 5/6/7/8 adore them.
    For you naughty teachers out there,there is always `Il y a beaucoup de xxxs dans le monde,` on the adult part of his song list.Not to be shown to your pupils at any cost, but will make you laugh.
    He features himself,` C`est Alain`on the song " Avec un gros nez " which the pupils find hilarious.
  13. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    Please excuse spelling mistakes on last posting. I am recovering from a rather dramatic reaction to an anti biotic for a tooth abcess, which left me in hospital last Sunday ! Hallucinations being the most dramatic of the reactions !, Central nervous system totally shot to pieces.
    Last reaction involves continued inability to spell ! That`s my excuse and I stick by it !
    Only took 6 tablets ,thank goodness.!
    Anyway ,I seem to have repeated lots of other postings recommendations. All `Alain le Lait` songs are fun and two ,`J`ai soif ` and `J`aime les fruits ` might meet your needs.
  14. gooddays

    gooddays Senior commenter

    "Qu'est-ce que tu veux manger?" Matt Maxwell, from the collection Quand tu seras grand
  15. Our kids (and department!) LOVE this one by Les betteraves called 'Au supermarché'

    It has lots of foods mentioned - some easy and some more difficult... its just a bit of fun. Good to do gap-fills or listening with. Plus, some adjectives.


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