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Can anyone lend/ sell me WRAT 4 and WRIT?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by seaview13, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hi there RJR, it seems we may well be on the same course! I am in cohort 2, what about you? I had no idea that I would have to be spending quite so much money for this course! My head teacher has already helped pay for the £225 and I don't feel I can ask her to pay for the WRAT and WRIT without being able to explain how we will be able to use the assessments for our school. I don't think she would be very impressed if I ended up only using it a few times! I have been given a copy of WRAT 3 by one of my specialist teachers, but I gather that won't be good enough? Oh well, credit card it will have to be[​IMG]
    See you in half term!
  2. You may have specialist assessment teachers working for your authority who use them-have you tried there ?
  3. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    Wrat 4 is newish so I am not sure if you would get an old copy but you may be able to (hush,hush) photocopy it - I have photopied things in the past such as the ART. Although, you'd probably get told off by the course leaders for breaking copy right law.

    AS for WRIT, you may get a copy of that second hand but I would say you will use it all the time and there is quite a few practical parts to it which can' t be copied so maybe invest in that one.
    Anyway, i didn't say any of the above;-)
  4. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Yep - def on the same course but I'm cohort 3!
    Looking at Wrat 4 I think it woild be pretty impossible to photocopy anyway as all the forms are carefully 'coloured'. And there are copyright slips etc EVERYWHERE lol.
    See you in the half term (I'm going up on the Mon evening)
  5. Good luck. I'm just finishing a TDA funded course with the OU and AMBDA via Bangor. Tough going, but fantastic experience. I'm not going to tell you what I ended up spending on assessment resources, but I aim to go private with it once it's all through.
    You won't regret it, I'm using my new skills daily in school and feel that it's elevated my work to another level.
  6. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Am starting too next month - no details about what resources to buy ................didn't realise that this was going to be an issue ......... as yet but am familiar with WRAT 4 having used it at school
  7. I have a WRAT4 pack that I wish to sell. Having failed to get my local EP service to loan it to me, I felt obliged to buy it as I had very little time to complete a key assignment for the OU postgrad I was engaged with at the time. In other words, I am eager to sell it, and I can be contacted as follows:
    It is expensive (£240) but I am open to offers, obviously.
  8. I have completed a PGCPSE but I did not realise I could charge privately for assessments. Is there not a legal aspect to consider. I had been informed that only E.Ps could provide a diagnosis.
    Any advice on private tutition and assessments for Dyslexics would be greatly received, particularly after school has cut pay!!
  9. Thanks to you all for your help and advice. I have bitten the bullet and bought them both, typically before seeing the previous post! However, there may be people on the course who may be looking for these assessments still, so I shall point them in this direction. I have already found that there is considerable interest in there being someone local who could carry out these sorts of assessments and teaching, so hopefully I will be able to recoup the cost. At least they are now mine and I can take them with me!
  10. Hi I hope the course is going well for you
    I am about to start the course in March. How did you get on with the search for the WRAT 4?
    Did you also get sorted with the WRIT ?

  11. Do you still have the copy of WRAT 4 ? How much would you like for it ?


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