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Can anyone justify a y9 L5 pupil doing Unit 1H AQA maths next month?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Anonymous, May 18, 2011.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    She's being set up to fail. That's the upsetting thing. A year 9 Level 5 pupil should not be interpreting histograms and cumulative frequency diagrams when she can't confidently find 20% and 5% of a number.
    Yes, I have told her parents but what can they do?
  2. They can tell the school to withdraw her.
    It's clearly not in the student's best interest for her to be taking this exam; as a educator you know this and therefore have a responsbility as the student's tutor to inform their parents - how would you feel if you were the parent who had to deal with the aftermath of this.
    Schools these days jump to the parents' call - normally this is not necessarily in the students' best interest but in this case it almost certainly is.
  3. And presumably enter them again at the end of KS4 to see if their grade improves? And if the latest reforms are adopted, those on foundation that don't get a C will have to resit at the end of KS5!
  4. alabaster

    alabaster New commenter

    my last school did this and it was a total disaster, the kids all did really badly which demotivated them and made them think that they were rubbish at maths. I really disagree with schools treating children in this manner. I don't think it does actually get the grades up either - just ends up with the school paying a fortune for resits.
  5. I know of a school (with around 250 pupils per year group) which opted to go for early entry to take advantage of Edexcel's Results Plus package - quite openly treating it as a mock with detailed analysis of the results. At a resit cost of around £20 each (I think that's right but I could be wrong) there were quite a few teachers who said they could think of far better things to spend £5000+ on!!
  6. At my school all year 9s are entered for their unit 1 and 2 exams in Jan and June respectively. Even the able students aren't mature enough to put the necessary effort in to acheive their potential and they all end up resitting them anyway. Doing the work for GCSE is fine but in my opinion they shouldn't sit an exam until year 10
  7. Yes 'you' can justify it depending on who 'you' are.
    If the pupil has come to Y7 with a level 5 then SLT will believe they needtoprogress.Level 5 kids should make adequate progress to be able to take an exam that is D grade (level 6) upwards in Y9 therefore this looks fine on the data sheet.
    The issue being that there is no external verification of the kids ability and much of the assessment is simply snowballed by teachers fearful of accountability.
    Therefore all logic says some kids shouldnt sit in.
    On theflip, the topics you speak of are the A star topics.A starstudents are less than 10% of the cohort in the main yet far morepupils will be entered who can access themid range questions on the paper.
    The issue is emotive, multi layered and TBH heightened by poor methods of assessing pupils and exams getting easier.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Well she got a D in this paper. Doing Unit 2 sometime this year. And she will probably be doing a resit of Unit 1 to get a higher mark.
    Just like the other 2 year 9's I do who got a C and B respectively and still want to do resits to get higher marks.


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