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can anyone help me

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lan4, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hello, After being out of work since December I have just had some great news…I have just been selected for interview for a foundation stage teaching job. I haven’t taught in foundation for a while now and have been asked to prepare a 20 minute literacy activity to complete with 6 children. Has anyone got any ideas for the activity?? I keep thinking back to my letters and sounds sessions but it doesn't seem too impressive.
  2. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    Well done for getting the interview.
    At this point in the school year most reception children will be well on with their letters and sounds.Just an idea from what we have done this week.Choose a minibeast eg butterfly and have a non fiction book about a butterfly ,hold it up and ask the children what they think the book will be about? why? what tells us? (title) what helps us(picture) is it going to be a story? or facts? do they know fiction/non fiction? What would they like to know about butterflies? talk to their partner 2mins.Ask around the table....now you could jot down the questions or let them have a go on whiteboards....Open book (make sure its got a contents page) what is this? what does it tell me? read together some of the contents and ask if they think any of the sections will answer their questions....work through together.......finish off with children looking through non fiction books about butterflies telling you interesting things they have seen in the pictures or read.
    This covers literacy and KUW

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