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Can anyone help me find this teachers tv video please?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by thedancingqueen, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. This isn't it: http://www.tes.co.uk/MyPublicProfile.aspx?uc=447531&parametrics=primary,40069,41935,41936&page=2 (It's just a link to teachers tv, to save people who are willing to help time)
    The one I am looking for has a teaching sequence from a school which I think is outstanding or outstanding in science anyway. It's a science clip. The parents have been invited in to help out and the lesson begins by looking at a worm under the microscope on the IWB and I think they then explore the conditions the worms like after planning how they're going to investigate this. Haven't seen the clip in ages and I can't seem to find it. If anyone can help, I'd be really greatful. I've had a good look in the list of teachers tv videos and either I've missed it or it's somewhere else. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  2. teachtigger

    teachtigger New commenter

  3. That's the one! Thank you! [​IMG]
  4. I have asked @TESScience (on twitter) if he knows. Will add response to this thread.
  5. Thanks! I really appreciate it, but the person who previously posted managed to find it. [​IMG]
  6. Oh good. At least you have it [​IMG]

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