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Can anyone give me information about policies or training in the workplace directly relating to staff responses to language that might be considered p

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by aligil, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Research study into attitudes and responses to profanity.

    (Bangor University, Linguistics department.)

    I’m Ali Hayes, a mature linguistics undergraduate (with 35 yrs experience in early years and FE), currently carrying out research for a dissertation. I am interested in teacher and caregiver feelings and responses to language that might be considered profanity or swearing, used by the children and young people in the workplace. From my own experience, supported by information from peers, there seems to be little training and no comprehensive guidelines, available to staff, specifically related to managing disruptions due to verbal behaviour.(Though it is sometimes briefly referred to in some managing behaviour and equal opportunities course modules.)

    I would be very interested in anyone's opinions regarding this subject and especially information about policies or training that does in fact deal with this issue. If you are interested and able to contribute to this study please email Ali Hayes on elu01c@bangor.ac.uk.

    Many thanks, Ali.

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