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Can any laser printer be used for sublimation?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by mrichards73, May 21, 2012.

  1. mrichards73

    mrichards73 New commenter

    I am looking to invest in some kit for laser sublimation printing. The department currently has an A3 laser printer on a loan deal where all the inks are included with the price. Can any laser printer be used for sublimation printing? All the info I could find states that the ink is just regular ink, only the fusers have been modified - and I am not sure if this is just sales speak to get you to buy the extra kit. Does anybody currently use a regular laser for sublimation and does it work well?
  2. I have never known a laser printer use sublimation inks its normally an inkjet printer for sublimation and lasers normally use special transfer paper............... but i may be wrong. If i am i will post another comment when i have made a few enquiries for you.
  3. I have also only ever seen inkjet printers used for sublimation. We had one that died on us, when we bought a new one we purchassed a standard inkjet printer from Amazon and a bulk ink feed which you can fill with sublimation inks.
  4. we use Laser Image Transfer from Techsoft in textiles and it's a specofic printer, the result are ok but i do love my ricoh dye sub printer.
    however lazertran
    do a huge range of papers some of which appear to be designed for laser printers, however I would check for specific printer lists as they can run at different temperatures and so are not suitable for all printers
    Good luck
  5. That is a good investment. But before plunging in to that kind of business, do a bit of a research if your money is worth the risk. I have heard good things about such business but take cautions before anything else. And go for Epson printer products [​IMG]
  6. castalia1

    castalia1 New commenter

    We use Magic Touch paper with an OKI laser printer. The results on acrylic are excellent and really durable, but we haven't had much success with fabric printing
  7. Hello I am new to the forum and saw this post. My company Office Products Warehouse (www.orderop.com) makes sublimation toner cartridges for laser printers. I would like to address some questions in this string and offer additional information.

    1. Not all laser printers will work.

    We make sublimation cartridges for most common HP mono chrome (black & white) laser printers.

    We only make color sublimation toner for two printers currently. The HP 4500 and Ricoh SP C250DN
    The chemicals in the color toner eats or destroys components in many printers. Our toner is specifically engineered for these printers.

    2. The toner is completely different than regular toner.

    3. You do not have to use sublimation paper. You can use regular copy paper to make transfers.
    The ink jet process requires a paper that can soak up the ink. Laser printers lay the toner on top of the page. It does not run or splatter like ink jet. The result is a crisper finish, just like regular printing. If you are transferring on to metal or trophy plates you will find the black is blacker.
  8. ChristianSotto

    ChristianSotto New commenter

    Laser sublimation produces excellent images on metals. Dense rich blacks can be obtained even when pressing through the protective plastic of metals. Full color on metal is outstanding with laser sublimation, even photos on gold or silver are gorgeous

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