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Can a medical condition influence a schools decision

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by ikkle_miss, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. dear theo (or anyone who can help)
    Since September I have been working part time in lovely school doing the |Numbers Count intervention programme I obtained this job through the supply agency I was working for. In February the school took me on contract until August. Now its getting that time again where I need to start thinking about September and applying for the jobs that are slowly trickling on to my local council website. The only dilemma that I have is that in November I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and since then have been undergoing a number of treatments I have had 8 weeks of work in total and I am due to go back this week. My problem is while I am applying for September (1)At what point do I mention my condition? I have finished my treatment now and see my Oncologist this Friday with hopefully good news - I am going to be back wards and forwards to the hospital for the rest of the year and will not receive the all clear for quite some time. (2)Can schools make a decision to not take you on based on this information?
    Thanks for reading

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