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Can a grade 7 support staff member cover PPA?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Bronco, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. It would be useful if some people checked out the DfE definitions of cover and teacher absence.
  2. "Yes, but these are open to interpretation" So in reality all the so called regulations, guidance notes and national agreements etc produced by the DfE are not worth the paper they are written on since head teachers are being allowed to do exactly what they want and this will just get worse with the increased use of free schools.
    There are 587,755 registered teachers in this country but according to the DfE there are just 448,100 teachers in service. Why is this? Why are there so many unemployed, underemployed or misemployed teachers and why is nobody prepared to stand up for them?
    It has been suggested by some that schools have to use staff without full teaching qualifications because they cannot get a qualified teacher. How can they honestly say that when there are so many qualified teachers without work or with insufficient work. Why does Michael Gove try to suggest that we need more overseas trained teachers even in shortage subjects when the TDA announce that there are teachers of shortage subjects trying unsuccessfully to get back into work after a career break?
    I recognise that my working life has effectively been destroyed by the present situation whereby the DfE and LAs allow schools to do exactly what they want and do not recognise that regulations and guidance notes are being ignored but will do nothing to change that. The DfE and Nick Gibb have stated that they will not make any future comments on this issue. So what price consultation? So those in charge of schools should start thinking seriously about the effects their actions are having on the thousands of teachers and potential teachers who are having their future careers destroyed before they have a real chance to start.


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