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Can a family survive on an ESF wage??

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by revivaldrum, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Me, teaching, wife and two infants following - will we be scraping a living in Hong Kong on the ESF wage for a mainscale teacher (I'm just through threshold in the uk)? Will we be able to save?? Any advice will be appreciated.
  2. Possible but might be difficult - I only knew couples without kids who managed on a solitary ESF wage. Even they were not able to enjoy all the possibilities of living out in Asia (holidays being the main one!). You would have to probably live somewhere in the outlying areas - which could be tough depending on where your school is.
    Also, unless your wife is a teacher it might be difficult for her to get a job out there unless she speaks Cantonese.
    However, it is a great experience and myself and partner were able to save - but we didn't have kids then!
  3. If you can live in the New Terrs then should be possible - you can get flats out there for under 8000HKD. I lived in Sheng Shui and paid a pittance for a quite nice flat (ok -tiniest kitchen I had ever seem) but nice apart from that! 25 mins direct train into Kowloon Tong so easy if you are not Central based. Your wife would prob pick up some tutoring quite easily if she's western too. I made a lot from tutoring!! (cash in hand too)
    http://www.squarefoot.com.hk/rent/ will give you an idea of rents in diff areas (if you haven't already seen it!)
  4. Ummm, thought as much. It is possible but not too easy. The tell tale sign was when I asked the interview panel their opinion and there was quite a large collective sucking in of breath and many ummms, ers and wells... Shame because I was impressed with them as people, their knowledge and how clued up they were on everything shiny and new in the uk compared to other places I've interviewed with.

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