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Campsite, Skye or West of Scotland

Discussion in 'Personal' started by stanley4shoes, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. stanley4shoes

    stanley4shoes Occasional commenter

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a basic campsite on Skye or the bottom half of West of Scotland (travelling from NW England). Ideally with a shower but not essential, just a tap would be fine. Needs to accept dogs.

    And whilst I'm asking suggestions for places to visit up there, that don't need to long a walk?

    Merci Bien

    gratuitous hound photo
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  2. Ivartheboneless

    Ivartheboneless Star commenter

    I think you are likely to get more than showers!
  3. stanley4shoes

    stanley4shoes Occasional commenter

    we've waterproofs and a few towels, we'll survive
  4. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    Scotland is the only country that had me U turning on my motorbike and speeding back to London.

    After two days of non stop driving rain I could not take it anymore. My state of the art waterproof clothing could not, either.

    Sure, you may get very lucky with the weather but my honest, no bull advice is be prepared - have lots of dry clothes packed to change into.

    To be fair, I went back a year later in a car and was there 5 days. 4 were non stop driving rain.......but one was glorious sunshine and then Scotland offers arguably more than any other country re scenery and roads.
  5. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    No up to date recommendations but we stayed on Skye on a site near Staffin. Basic but the most beautiful views on the walk to the loo. We got up early in the morning and drove over to Uig for the early ferry to Lewes. Driving over the brow of the hill and seeing the Calmac ferry waiting for us in the early morning light was just so romantic. As was arriving into the Lewes ferry port with a pipe band, that was travelling to a highland games, piping us into harbour.

    I'm guessing it's no wetter than any other part of the western side of the UK. We were dry in Edinburgh last week when England was drowning.
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  6. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Don't ever go to South Wales then - it's even worse!
  7. stanley4shoes

    stanley4shoes Occasional commenter

    next year I'm hoping we might take the ferry to Lewis, i've not been for years but the outer hebrides are one of my favourite places
  8. Ivartheboneless

    Ivartheboneless Star commenter

    Well in North Wales it ain't that bad. We have missed all the worst of the weather this summer. But walkers are asked to wring out any soggy sheep they see as a courtesy to the farmers.;)
  9. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

  10. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    Glenbrittle campsite - at the foot of the Black Cuillin, 40 minutes from nearest main road, but beautiful setting. Facilities are basic but good. There's a small coffee shop. You can't book, but it's large & spacious. I loved it.

    I've also stayed at the one near Staffin, which was good.

    Applecross on the mainland - lots of easy walks around there.
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  11. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter


    As I have never been anywhere else on the West coast of Scotland.
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  12. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Is that still there? I camped there some 40 years ago, it was wonderful then.

    Good, it will keep the midges away. :D
  13. stanley4shoes

    stanley4shoes Occasional commenter

    Glenbrittle is looking favourite, a couple of other people have sung its praises too, I’m wondering if that’s where I stayed years ago, but so long ago can’t recall.

    Pleasantly surprised at ferry prices to Arran (£40 return with the van) maybe not this time, although it’s a possibility, but that’s certainly somewhere I’d like to go
  14. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

    Anywhere you like mosquitoes.
  15. stanley4shoes

    stanley4shoes Occasional commenter

    Suspect there are more mosquitos at home (the Dee marshes create a bit of an issue locally) midges in Scotland are all part of the experience though
  16. silkywave

    silkywave Lead commenter

    I ‘ll have you know we've had less rain than England in West Scotland. But some heavy showers the last too weeks to be fair. With campsites under water. And yes the clegs are bad unless it’s windy. Good luck with the camping !
    But at least the schools have gone back now so places like Arran a good idea.
  17. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

    Just like the plague and dysentery were all part of the medieval experience! o_O
  18. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    I was on Harris & Lewis in May/ June.
    After almost two weeks of wall-to-wall sunshine as I drove the NC 500, the weather broke on the ferry there. The wedding I was attending took place in Novemberesque weather.
  19. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    I was there for a week last year - mixed weather, but had a good day when I walked to the lochan at the foot of the Great Stone Shute.

    I had a problem with the electrics of my campervan, and the people there were so friendly and helpful.
  20. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    Arran is great. It's rightly described as 'Scotland in miniature', with a variety of different landscapes and some serious mountains in an area small enough to drive round in a day. A lot easier to access than places further north and west, too.
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