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campaign to ensure RE is included in the English Bacc

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by durgamata, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Hi guys

    I signed the petition on one of the recent posts here, late last night, when I was really tired and dying to get to bed. I thought it would be my last act of a long evening. But I found the website where you sign the petition emailed me back to ask if I would forward a message to my friends asking them also to sign.

    This inspired me to write an open letter to friends and family telling them a bit about the situation and asking them not just to sign the petition but also to contact Michael Gove and their MP about this matter.

    Some of my contacts are bigshots in the field of RE and have sent papers and reports which relate to the situation in their replies, so i have started a new folder in My Resources to share these. If you have good info on this or wish to share something you think or have written on the subject, then do contact me and I will include this too. I will also attach a copy of the letter I sent. It is just from the heart, saying why I think RE is so important. I would appreciate your comments on this. I am preparing a more 'Scholarly' article for which I have downloaded all the letters etc from this site to read through. I hope to include all the important points you have made on the subject - but it is slow work - over 80 pages - and I have other deadlines to meet.

    Do any of you know anything about the forthcoming review of the English Bacc, who will be doing it, when and where it will be held?

    Perhaps we can organise something on the day.

    I really believe that this is a cause we must fight together and that if we do - not just RE teachers but all people who share our concerns - then like with the Forests, the government will recognise that they are wrong in this and they will change their policy.
  2. I wrote to several politicians, one of whom was Nick Gibb. I wrote 09/12/10, and received a reply on Friday 18th. He basically said not to worry and that the bacc. was to ensure pupils took up subjects like history and geography alongside "compulsory" subjects like RE and not instead of.
    From this, he didn't listen to my concern. Schools are replacing RE with things like citizenship and PSHE, and not having time singularly dedicated to RE. Also, it means that, by not having RE in the bacc., it's telling students to carry on with your average maybe 1 hour fortnightly RE lesson, but to take a real humanities subject, take GCSE History or Geography.
    They're just not listening.
  3. kimmybob

    kimmybob New commenter

    I too have contacted relevant persons to ensure that RE is included, NATRE are campaigning also...

    Keep pestering them!! That's what I intend to do
  4. SteveWoodhouse

    SteveWoodhouse Occasional commenter

  5. poppy2004

    poppy2004 New commenter

    Come on everyone - lets keep this up!!! [​IMG]
  6. I like it! Will definitely be joining in on this one!
  7. A quote by Mitra Sen, Canadian teacher, filmmaker, and creator of the Peace Tree:
    "Let us embrace the beauty of every culture and faith to create peace in our world."

    I agree that we must all sign the EDM and publicize widely our concerns about the future of RE. We are in this together and though not a huge community can make our concerns known
  8. SteveWoodhouse

    SteveWoodhouse Occasional commenter

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