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camera's at AQA standardisation

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by pinnylady, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    has anyone been to AQA standardisation this year? Is it worth taking my camera as they wouldn't let us take pictures last year?
  2. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    has anyone been to AQA standardisation this year? Is it worth taking my camera as they wouldn't let us take pictures last year?
  3. No, you can't take pics as last year. They give you a CD with the images on though.
  4. I did last year and took no notice of their verboten notices.How very dare they?
  5. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    I know! apparantly some delegates have used photos irresponsibly, seriously thinking about changing exam board after going to standardisation, Some of the marks seemed very strange, just wondered if edexcel were any better?
  6. Edexcel have an excellent art subject adviser, worth a look. So are the Welsh Board WJEC....
  7. After years of working through board after board, I can't fault edexcel (though I know others will). Their moderators are frank, genuine art teachers themselves and want the best for our candidates too. I love their exam paper, as it provides starting points for open-ended exploration (yet again in 2012) and our students, up to Year 13 understand that they are learning to be artists by doing the examination, not simply learning to pass. We mark honestly, explaining to our students that they get what is deserved by the end and they know they have to work hard for their results. Our moderators tell us if we are over-egging and if we are harsh. They are honest in this respect.

    Can't find fault, and I DO look for it.
  8. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    Is it a similar structure? Do they have standardisation meetings and moderator visits? Or is it more like BTEC where you take an online test?
  9. No standardisation meetings like you would in other circumstances though I did start by attending their inset courses on the new spec GCSE qualification 3-4 years ago. Very rest assured afterwards that what we were doing: two 18 week coursework projects that ultimately became a portfolio of work was in line with their expectations. Our moderators visit was negotiable and we liked that the GCSE and AS/A2 mods came to see our exhibitions. Last year, they were more than happy to see the FULL GCSE portfolios [none of that 40 hour rule nonsense] and whilst we'd have like it, neither of the mods would give a hint about how to improve.To be fair though, they are only meant to check our marks and that we have standardised. The GCSE mod was happy to be supplied with tea and got on with things in such a charming and welcoming way. We were worried, as we run Graphics, Art and Design, 3-D Art and Textiles courses under their GCSE banner so we knew we had to get it right in each area or there could be disaster in balancing of marks. Actually, it made us get our act together and each teacher looks at each other's work anyway. Paperwork is minimal (thank goodness) unlike BTEC. Other HoD friends haven't been as positive and sometimes I think it's because their departments are more competitive with each other, not liking to share ideas. It depends on the personalities within your team maybe. I guess I'm lucky in that respect. Early days (last year being the first new spec year for us) but I can't see myself ever returning to the AQA GCSE shouting match to get an A*. I read about OCR visits and grimace too. No idea about the Welsh Board. Hope this helps.

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