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Camera being inserted into womb

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by fretless, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. I hit the menopause about 5 years ago and haven't had a period for over 3 years. Suddenly yesterday morning I "came on". I have been to see the doctor who says that this isn't unusual but does need to be investigated as having a bleed more than 12 months after the last one could be a sign of something not being ok. He has referred me to the hospital to have a camera inserted into my womb so they can have a look around. Has anyone had this done? Can you tell me a bit about the procedure please.
  2. Have you already has an ultra sound?
    This tells you a little more:
  3. Thanks for replying. No I haven't had an ultra sound - the doctor said that the hospital would contact me regarding what needed to be done. I have already read the information you kindly gave the link to but was wondering if anyone had personal experience of the procedure.
  4. When he says "in your womb" does he just mean "in your vagina"? I've had three internal ultrasounds for various wimminz disorders and by placing the probe thing in your vagina they can see inside your uterus and up to your ovaries. I've never needed to have anything actually inside my uterus, which is much more invasive as it requires opening the cervix.
    If this is what you're getting, and it sounds like it is, it is WAY better than a smear. Lie back on the couch covered with a sheet, look at the screen, have an appliance resembling a disappointing *** smothered in K-Y jelly inserted by a lady operativ who never makes eye contact or casts even a glance at your nether regions, all over in a couple of minutes. Utterly painless.
  5. Oh perleeeeeeze!!! A disappointing d i l d o!
  6. jubileebabe

    jubileebabe New commenter

    If you're referred to the hospital, they are unlikely do anything without doing an internal ultrasound scan which is exactly as the previous poster described and no big deal at all, it is very quick and painless. They'll use the scan to measure the thickness of the womb and look for abnormalities.
    From this, they MAY decide that you need to have the camera inserted into the womb to get a detailed look and remove any abnormalities or take a biopsy of the lining. This is called a hysteroscopy and you'll be given a separate appointment for this as it is usually done under a light general anaesthetic.
    I had this done last Friday and was very worried beforehand but it was absolutely fine. I went in in the morning, had the operation and went home in the afternoon feeling as if nothing had happened. I was a bit tired the next day. In my case, a polyp had been detected in the scan and this was removed during the operation after they'd had a look round with the camera.
    The anasthetic they use is very light so the recovery is very quick. Once you're asleep, they inflate your womb with water and insert the camera. If there is something that needs removing they insert a tool that cuts and seals off the blood vessels at the same time. The whole operation only takes around 10-15 mins. I had a slight period type pain for about 40 mins afterwards but nothing after that.
  7. Thanks Lily and Jubilee. The doc did say it was called hysteroscopy and it would be a camera but he said this would all follow when I had been seen at clinic that deals with it. I was just wanting a bit more info really about what to expect so thank you. (I have had a camera into my stomach and bowel under sedation and that wasn't too bad). Can't say I'm too happy about having a period after all this time - its bloomin heavy and as I'm back at work on monday I'm concerned about leaking.
  8. jubileebabe

    jubileebabe New commenter

    I hope it all goes well, Fretless.
    I was told to stay at home for three days following the op which I did despite feeling completely fine.
  9. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I recently had a colposcopy, and i'm guessing a camera was inserted into my cervix area as while she was doing it I was able to watch on the screen and see what she could, didn't hurt. Good luck
  10. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I had a hysteroscopy (and a laparoscopy) before Christmas - the photos they take are amazing! (Although Mr Para did turn very green when the consultant showed them me!!)
  11. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    Not quite correct.... the lady operative who did mine seemed to have no knowledge AT ALL about female anatomy.
    So much poking...... I eventually had to guide the disappointing di1do into the correct place.
  12. Hi, I've had a camera inserted into my womb. It was done without any sedation or anaesthetic and wasn't particularly painful. I was able to watch what was h appening on a screen beside the bed. It felt unpleasant rather than painful, I could feel the camera moving around which felt a bit weird. The camera was on the end of a fairly soft pliable probe no wider than my little finger if that. The staff were great and very supportive. I had it when I was just into menopause and it didn't turn up anything nasty. Good luck.
  13. So much poking...... I eventually had to guide the disappointing di1do into the correct place.
    I suppose it's easier if you have a fanny like a bucket [​IMG]

  14. but really (at risk of mild abuse from Lily [​IMG] how much knowledge of female anatomy does it need? I had this when i was pregnant and the midwife claimed to be finding it difficult to locate my cervix - ***, woman, it's up there somewhere - at the top, probably....
  15. I have now had my initial appointment and the Doc has decided that I will have a general anaesthetic for the camera procedure. She based this on the fact that I had an emergency section and not a natural birth. I'm now awaiting the appointment date.
  16. good luck Fretless. Hope it goes well.
  17. I am having the procedure tomorrow afternoon.
  18. Well it has now been done and I have to wait for the results of the biopsy. The most painful/uncomforatble but was the thing that they put into your hand for the drip/drugs etc. There was also a bit of a dull period type ache afterwards for a little while. Thanks for all your comments etc - will post again when I get the results.
  19. Fingers crossed for you....
  20. The thing in your hand is a cannula. I bloody hate them. I had to have one for my CT scan. Glad it wasn't too bad otherwise. Stay cool. [​IMG]

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