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Cambridge Technicals

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by hensonlee, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. hensonlee

    hensonlee New commenter

    Hi is anyone delivering the new Cam Technicals, this year? My school has started with Unit 8 (HR), would appreciate any thoughts/advice on this unit or the course in general.
  2. coffeekarma11

    coffeekarma11 New commenter

    We aren't doing that unit yet. We have started with compulsory units 1 and 4. The coursework is very long with a lot of bits to it. The course seems ok, we are worried about the exam. I know there was an OCR notice about amending unit 8 a while ago. The moderation handbook concerns us slightly as there is something about moderating as you go along, sampling all units and recording meetings. However, I like the content it is straightforward to follow as is the model assignments.
  3. simon1971

    simon1971 New commenter

    Doing Unit 4 first and then Unit 1. Would agree that the assignments are longer than BTEC in terms of tasks for P1, P2 etc. I am presuming that the depth is not as detailed. One of the things I liked about BTEC was the assessor guidance that explained what you should expect to see.

    Not thought about the exam yet but planning visits to business as I believe this is recommended. OCR has published the pre seen material for this on Interchange but you will need to get your exam officer to print it off for you.
    presssurised likes this.
  4. jackdee

    jackdee New commenter

    We put our year 12 students through in January, all of the students bar 1 (who is re-sitting) passed. We plan to enter them all for unit 2 in June. Year 12 we are delivering units 1 and 2, the other examinable unit plus 2 projects in year 13.
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  5. simon1971

    simon1971 New commenter

    When you say all but one passed. Did they meet their predicted grade? Were you disappointed? I am nervous about the exam as (my school is asking for all of the cohort of 11 to get Distinctions) I have have completed Unit 4 and there are 4 Distinctions, 5 merits and 2 passes. Need a big effort in the exam from some.

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