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Cambridge Primary Maths Curriculum and Abacus

Discussion in 'Primary' started by carol_new, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. I am currently teaching at a school which uses the Cambridge Primary Maths Curriculum and I would like to introduce Abacus maths. I have been told that some schools already run both of these successfully. Do you? If so, how is it going?
  2. selcan1

    selcan1 New commenter

    Hi carol the school I am working at is planning to use the Cambridge Primary maths curriculum and as your school already uses it I was wondering if you could help me out as to how the books are being used at your school
  3. yvette_x

    yvette_x New commenter

  4. ElizaMorrell

    ElizaMorrell Occasional commenter

    I don't know anything about the Cambridge Primary Maths Curriculum, but one of my old schools used Abacus. We used it more as a guideline and resource package than a scheme. It was good for planning the order of teaching, getting new ideas, and it provided A LOT of decent interactive resources to use. You can also set up maths homework accounts for all of the children and set them online games to play at home.

    For us, it worked better as a supplement than a rigid scheme anyway, so using it alongside the Cambridge curriculum might work.
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  5. rhull89

    rhull89 New commenter

    I found Abacus to be very bland middle of the road useful for giving you an order of teaching so that you hit all the key points of the curriculum only.However for the subscription cost in a time of tight budgets it's not worth the money in my view.WR maths is free and far superior.
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