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Cambridge Partnership GTP 2012 - got a place

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by hbellis9383, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Morning
    Im so excited - found out last night I got a place - not sure if anyone else here who was at interview has got a place - if you do let me know and I'll see you in June!
    Thanks everyone on the forum - the information on here is really useful and everyone super friendly. Hope everyone finds out if they have a place on courses soon! The waiting is not fun!
  2. Well done.


    I also found out on Thursday that I have a place on the Cambridgeshire GTP. I am 90% certain I will accept it: just have remove the last lingering doubts that Teach First would be better.

    What subject are you training to teach?
  3. Hi
    History is my subject, whats yours?
    I really liked the course from the interview day - I was still waiting to hear if I had an interview from EM direct but the Cambridge partnership seems so good I'm definately taking the place! I had convinced myself I wasn't going to get a place so I'm so so excited!
    Want it to start now!
    Do you have a place with teach first too?
  4. Yeah. I got the place with Teach First in August, but it was such a long time ago now that I had actually forgotten about it until they phoned me the other day. I think it would be better for my career, but a bit more of a risk. I will be in comfortable and familiar surroundings in Cambridgeshire, which will help get me through it.
    My subject is maths, so much less competitive than history!
    Do you know what schools you'll be working in next year?
  5. Hi Kaz
    I applied for first deadline and still not heard - they said they are still looking at applications!
    So dont fret I think the genuinely haven't finished!


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