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Cambridge Nationals in Business and Enterprise

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by annadade, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. thebusinessone

    thebusinessone New commenter


    I am currently looking at this course to change to from BTEC. Can anyone comment on whether it is worth it or not? From reading this thread it seems there is a lot of confusion and although BTEC isn't great at the minute I know how it works and there is a good support system in place with plenty of resources floating about.

  2. PoundStretcher

    PoundStretcher New commenter

    It is still a unit based qualification with portfolio units and an examination in Introduction to Business which covers forms of organisation, objectives and similar items based upon a pre-issued case study. The exam is based upon a pre-release context which learners will need to go away and research, using their research in the exam, although they cannot take this into the exam room with them.

    Each of the portfolio units is based around a mark scheme. With the BTEC if you cover the criterion and include the relevant evidence you achieve that level, whereas with the OCR you have to decide what mark band it falls in, and then attach an appropriate mark to it within sometime quite a wide range of marks. These are then totalled, marks submitted to OCR and then work is sampled.

    I will be sticking with the BTEC as there is more certainty over what is required and as you say we know how it works.
  3. sashley2

    sashley2 New commenter


    I have been asked to deliver this course for 1 year only starting this September. I am starting with unit 3 and would be really grateful for any resources anyone has. I am also looking for a completed piece of work for unit 2 and 3. I do have the sample work but wanted to see how other school are completing it.


  4. Sophiecrooke

    Sophiecrooke New commenter


    I don't suppose anyone has a scheme of work they would be willing to share with me? I am covering for an absent teacher, but there are no SOWs. Any help would be very much appreciated.


  5. jatinreddy41

    jatinreddy41 New commenter

    i am currently teaching RO62 but i am not sure, does anyone have any examplar coursework for RO62 this would be easy for me to mark. If you do have any examples can you please email it to jatinreddy41@gmail.com

    Thank you
  6. PoundStretcher

    PoundStretcher New commenter

    The one issue that I have is that as a school if it doesn't count to Progress/Attainment 8 measures then we cannot do it as it will affect overall performance of the school. Not knowing what will count towards 2019 measures is crippling the decision making ability of the department as a consequence to plan a curriculum consequently.
  7. klan_mitchell

    klan_mitchell New commenter


    I have started to create resources for this course and will be creating a mini textbook and lessons during the summer term
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  8. klan_mitchell

    klan_mitchell New commenter

    We teacher the Cambridge national and overall find it good. My only issue is that the pre release research brief is very misleading and often tries to trip the students up in my experience. I find it leads the students to focus and revision on topics the case study suggests will come up in the exam

    An example of this is in Jan when the brief mentions sources of finance but break even was tested. I find the research brief offers very little help for the final exam.

    However the course work elements as very good.
  9. ash719

    ash719 New commenter


    This course (Cambridge Nationals in Business and Enterprise) no longer exists. It has been replaced (and dfe approved) with effect from September 2017 with Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise and Marketing (The units are R064, R065 and R066)
  10. staffam

    staffam New commenter

    Just to be clear....the Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise and Marketing is replacing the Cambridge National in Business and Enterprise from September 2017. The latter course does still exist; the final assessment opportunity will be June 2018. There will be no resit opportunity available. The last year 10 cohort start date was September 2016 and it remains on KS4 performance tables until 2018.

    As stated above, the new Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise and Marketing are on the 2019 Performance Tables
  11. L-Jefferson

    L-Jefferson New commenter

    Where are these available please.
  12. kbeale1

    kbeale1 New commenter


    I have inherited a year 11 class who are currently doing this course and its in a bit of a state. Does anyone have any advice or resources that you found helpful with marking the work and preparing for the exam? OCR marking scheme is very vague!

    Thanks :)
  13. paddyandmax

    paddyandmax New commenter

    Hi all

    Are there any textbooks that go with Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing (J819) course? I have no experience of running the course and have got to get a group of yr10 learners through this by June 2019, we havent started yet! If anyone can point me to resources/sow (willing to pay) I would be eternally grateful. Thanks
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  14. staffam

    staffam New commenter

    Theory notes for R064 can be freely accessed at:


    If you need to download/edit these you will need to subscribe.

    I'm planning to add worksheets and other teaching resources - but these will only be available to subscribers.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  15. RhianCollins

    RhianCollins New commenter

    Hi everyone.

    I'm currently doing my GTP and I've inherited a group of year 11s who are doing the Cambridge Nationals in Business and Enterprise. There's no other Business teacher in the school anymore. The pupils didn't do as well as we hoped in the exam in January and many are being re-entered for the summer exam. I've obviously got the Research Brief about Speedwheels and we have covered all the theory element but I'm just wondering if someone can recommend any businesses to research that are similar in some way to the business in the research brief? T for U was great as we had a brilliant local business which was virtually identical! I know they don't need to be exactly the same but I am struggling a bit with Speedwheels.

    Many thanks in anticipation.
  16. TamLaProfe

    TamLaProfe New commenter

    Hello all. Is anyone still here many years on?

    I have been asked to rescue a Year 11 group as their teacher has left with stress. The are about to start Promotion unit. Can anyone suggest/share good resources/ideas for a group in desperate need of a radical boost?!
  17. goffara

    goffara New commenter

    Hi I have delivered the new Cambridge Nationals(Business) Enterprise and marketing L1/2 by OCR last year, I can give some of the resource that I have created and lesson plans.
    Which units do you require R064 theory (50%) R065(25%) or R066 (25%) assignments.

    Send my your e-mail I will compress what I have and send across to you.
  18. TamLaProfe

    TamLaProfe New commenter

    Hi Goffara! That's so kind of you. I am only going to be teaching R066 but I worry that the students haven't had much support so far so there may be gaps in their knowledge. If you're happy to share all three that would be amazing. TWiddon@penryn-college.cornwall.sch.uk

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