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Cambridge Nationals - How are people doing it?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Tony22, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Tony22

    Tony22 New commenter

    OCR seem to be very slow at putting material for Cambridge Nationals on their website, and with me trying to plan for next year it makes it very difficult currently. It would be helpful if people on here had answers to the following questions to put my mind at rest!

    -Are people creating schemes of work now or waiting for more information from OCR?

    -Are people simply going to get the model assignments and just get on with them once released? Or are you going to prepare a wealth of content prior?

    -What order are people doing the units in? And when will you do the exam?

    We have non-specialists teaching this next year and I want to be able to hand them a scheme of work but without actually knowing what OCR really want it makes it difficult. The specification obviously has information on each unit but without model tasks it makes it difficult to plan any resources whatsoever.
  2. Lack of communication from OCR and the poorly designed specimen paper has led to dropping the Nationals in my school and moving back to GCSE which is 60% coursework anyway.

    Do you not have the option of registering year 9s this term and following 2010 spec, while any teething problems with the course are ironed out?
  3. I haven't looked everywhere but regarding the GCSE/ICT exams I'd not found a great paper/board IMHO, can you link me to a batter ICT gcse regarding the exam?

  4. OCR expect unit skills to be taught to students prior to the ten hour model assignment. You can teach the content outside of an assignment context, in one that you made up, or in a different model assignment to the assessed one. That means that you can create the lesson resources now if you want based on the specification. That's assuming that you're doing the "honest and proper" assessment method whereby you prepare the kids then treat the model assignment akin to controlled conditions.

    Isn't it supposed to be a terminal exam, thus a Year 11 thing? At BETT they were saying that they hope to have numerous exam windows so perhaps not. I expect to complete R002 (Unit 1 as was) and another unit in Year 10, then their third unit alongside theory in Year 11.
  5. You can register Year 9's for the 2010 spec' up until the end of August. Best option, considering the lack of information on Cambridge version
  6. Not necessarily the best option if you're thinking about league table inclusion - students must complete the Award to be included which is out of reach for many of them. Further, I'm not sure why you're saying "lack of information" - the complete spec is published, we're just awaiting the R003-R014 model assignments.
  7. Tony22

    Tony22 New commenter

    Yes we're doing that. But we're also expected to deliver a KS4 qualification to next year's Y9 which is why I'm a little concerned about the lack of information from OCR about cambridge nationals.
  8. Independent school by any chance?
  9. Has something been said at a HMC conference about early qualification in ICT?
  10. tjra

    tjra Occasional commenter

    But if you go with the Cambridge then you can only realistically get the "Award" which is worth half a GCSE anyway, so either way it's not ideal. We're sticking with the 2010 as at least they've produced some work for it already (in the form of Unit 4). Plus the idea of throwing together a SOW with 3-4 days until we start in September doesn't fill me with joy.
  11. Not that I know of - just wondering who's more likely to go for early entry...?
  12. Why is that the only realistic outcome? You get that just by completing the one mandatory unit and the exam. All you have to do to get the Certificate is two more units!
  13. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Agreed we are doing the full GCSE
  14. tjra

    tjra Occasional commenter

    The 2010 First Award is (or rather WAS) 100 glh. We had to do one unit in Year 9 but it wasn't insurmountable.

    The leadership doesn't "expect" it - we have been doing OCR Nationals since the Legacy spec and so it just continued onto the 2010 spec.

    Not sure what will happen as of next year - they're deciding in the next few weeks. If they want to go with the Cambridge Nationals then we'll need more hours

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