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Cambridge IGCSE 0522 Oral Assessment

Discussion in 'English' started by portland6, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. We take the above qualification, and followed the new instructions issued this year that instead of a sample we should send every single oral recording.

    I've spoken to a couple of colleagues in other schools, who said they just sent 10 or 15 as usual, and were told this was fine when they asked for clarification.

    So, did other people send 10s or 100s?
  2. Took

    Took New commenter

    Whole cohort so 100s
  3. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Yes we sent the whole cohort all 140, and what a performance it was too!!!!!
  4. The whole flippin' cohort!!!
  5. cupcake1788

    cupcake1788 New commenter

    We also sent the whole cohort-over 180!
  6. english.teacher

    english.teacher New commenter

    We also sent the entire cohort. We had so many 'queries' as well - it's really disturbing to hear some other schools might not have had to do that. It took absolute ages getting them ready and was one of the most stressful things I've ever had to do as head of dept...
  7. cupcake1788

    cupcake1788 New commenter

    I agree. I was completely frazzled after moderating 183 :)
  8. howlinmad

    howlinmad New commenter

    We had to send all of ours, complete admin disaster at their end and even more insultingly they dropped everyone 2 marks despite agreeing our previous ones. Anyone else find this?
  9. We sent 240, the whole cohort. All of ours taken down 2 marks despite them being agreed the previous year and not a single mark changed. Our Unit 2 exam marks are down too, real drop in A*-B now as a result overall. Ridiculous expensive to challenge it. Gutted.
  10. becorleansky

    becorleansky New commenter

    I'm gutted with the exam (UNIT 2) marks too. A*-A percentage has taken a real hit and I'm not sure how to explain it. Don't think, 'We were screwed over!' is going to cut it.
  11. But you were and your SLT should see it too if they really look at what's going on. We didn't get the C grades we were anticipating but everyone at the top been really supportive and not judgmental. This job is hard enough...!!
  12. Does anyone know what the Speaking and Listening Component 5 boundaries were for last year? I've got the Nov and June 2014 boundaries but they're not on either of them. Trying to work out what happened . . .
  13. becorleansky

    becorleansky New commenter

    Subtract the relevant exam/component boundaries from the overall scores at the bottom; '2, 4,5'etc and then you will have a score one score left. This will be your S/L grades; then x by 0.83. 21 was a C last May
  14. bgr1978

    bgr1978 New commenter

    I think the relevant sections of the specification state that:

    In particular, the instructions for Component 5 (Speaking and Listening Test) and Component 6 (Speaking and Listening Coursework) clarify that all candidates are to be recorded for the Speaking and Listening Test and for the individual and pair-based activities in the Speaking and Listening Coursework.


    3. Please send the following to Cambridge to be sent to the moderator:

    ? the recording of candidates? work, and only candidates required for the sample, with the

    corresponding completed Oral Examination Summary Form. On this form place an asterisk (*)

    against the candidates? names who are in the sample

    ? the total marks, internally moderated where appropriate, for all candidates.

    That was from the updated 2015 specification. If someone knows of a different update etc then please can you let me know.
  15. becorleansky

    becorleansky New commenter

    CIE changed the rules on Speaking and Listening samples in February - from a sample of 20 being required to the whole cohort. There was no update on the website but exams officers were informed by a letter.

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