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Cambridge assessment summary form for 0522

Discussion in 'English' started by NileFrog, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. NileFrog

    NileFrog New commenter

    Dear wise English teachers and HoDs - please help me!

    I am still getting my head around the forms/procedures for entering our year 11 for the 0522 first language English and am relieved a search reveals I'm not the only one on here to have been a bit mystified to start with.

    I think I am getting there now, but I'm still confused about the assessment summary form for the coursework.

    As I understand it, we will need to fill in this form with the marks for each one of every student's coursework pieces, but I haven't been able to clarify the details of this. I'll try to explain exactly what I am asking below; I apologise as I suspect it's one of those things where even my questions are unclear!
    • Do we send this assessment summary form at the same time as the students' 'Internal marks' are submitted? It seems like submitting the same information twice so I am wondering if I have got this wrong (hoping I have ...) Or does it go with the sample, later?
    • Also - how do you actually complete this? Can you get a copy from Cambridge that has all the candidates' names and numbers pre-populated? I'm sure it can't be that you manually type in all the names, so can we download one with this information?
    • Do you complete one for each class or just a long alphabetical (/candidate number order) form for the whole cohort?
    Perhaps the second point especially is for our exams office to look into but they seem equally confused by what needs doing at the moment. I am hoping very much to get some clarification from others who have dealt with CIE before so I can go back to school and make sense of it with them!

    Thanks so much for any help that can be offered.
  2. install

    install Star commenter

    1 Speak to your Exams Officer and explain you want to do the marks online

    2 It can be done by class in Exam Candidate Number order -so that each teacher fills in their mks for their class on each form

    3 Cambridge will select a sample from the mks you have sent off on line

    4 All forms are sent with the sample

    Do ring Cambridge - they are usually helpful

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