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Calming Them Down

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 2YS, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. 2YS


    I'm currrently at Uni and seriously thinking of teaching. From September I've been volunteering in a Y3 class. This is my first time in Y3, as I've volunteered before with Y4 and Y5 in the same school for the previous three years.
    I teach the Y3s MFL one afternoon a week, straight after they've done PE. (Unfortunately, this can not be changed.) When they come back, they're very hyper, chatty and excitable and take a long time to calm down. I've tried using House Points and break detentions, as positive and negative reinforcement, but it doesn't seem to work. They are a lively bunch anyway, but after PE, they're much worse.
    When I taught the Y5 class French last year, they settled more easily and I've been struggling since September with these Y3s. We now do something else with them before MFL to try to calm them down, but it doesn't.
    Can anybody suggest any techniques, give me any ideas that will help with this Y3 class.
  2. Brain Gym, particularly crossovers and lengthening movements. They are hyper and its abridging activity using their bodies but also tuning their brains back into a learning./ thinking brainwave.
  3. This works a treat for me too. Don't care how long it takes or how many times they have to repeat it (and the children know this). Have only had to do it twice this term - the children know I mean business!

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