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Calming down after PE

Discussion in 'Primary' started by psalm23, May 16, 2011.

  1. Anyone think of something different to help calm down a large class of KS 2 childre after PE ready for Circle time ? I find they are so lively afterwards and time tabel does not allow to swap the two over so end up doing circle time at end of day. Many thanks for any helpful suggestions.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Lie down on the hall floor. Who can get up after a minute? Team points to the winner. Always amusing to see who understands a minute and it gets them quiet.
    Record is 2 1/2 mins. Think they fell asleep.
    Quietly back to class.
    Get changed sensibly.
  3. This is from when I was at primary school in Year 6! I've always remembered this!
    After 'cooling down' we'd lie on the floor and our teacher would ask us to lay there really calmly and quiet. He'd describe a really relaxing place like a secluded beach, or a mountain or the like. Sometimes he would get us to concentrate on thinking about our breathing or relaxing our whole body, starting at the toes and ending with your fingers! We would always be so relaxed and calm and happy afterwards :)
  4. As they come back to the class to get changed have a 'board activity' ready on the IWB. As soon as they are changed chn. get a whiteboard and pen to complete it IN SILENCE [​IMG]
    • write a PE words alpahabet A=athletics, B= ball
    • write a circle time alphabet
    • write a list of the equipment we used today in PE using bullet points, commas etc...
    • write down 1 thing you can do now that you didn't know how to do before todays lesson
    • write a prediction for next week's PE lesson

    That way as soon they are changed they have a focused, calm activity to get on with while they wait for the others. Works well if chn's whiteboards etc... are already on their desks.Stay away from it if they have to start organising resources, giving things out - will only add to the 'faff'
    Good luck

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