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Calling Primary English teachers to collaborate...

Discussion in 'English' started by Jingye, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Jingye

    Jingye New commenter

    This is going to be the fastest growing education tool used by hundreds of thousands worldwide students in learning English, preparing GRE, GMAT, CEM11+, GCSE vocabulary!

    I believe it, that is how it motivate me working on after full-time day work and many more childcare duty yet still finding time working on it from 9pm to 4am.
    You can read more about me and the background of this software tool here: https://community.tes.com/threads/hello-introduce-myself.765991/

    At the moment the tool generates personalised worksheets to email to the subscribers (students/parents). The spelling exercise contains cloze style missing word sentences and jumbled sentences, all are around the new words.

    I plan to introduce more functionalities - index, search classics or good books so that it can also generates spelling exercise and quiz. Further down the line, I want to throw artificial intelligence into the mix. So a conversation could be like this:
    S - "Alexia/Bot - Test me!"
    AB- "Ok. What does IMMACULATE mean?'
    S - "It means clean, spotless, pristine."
    S - "Quiz please."
    AB- 'He returns immaculate in the evening with the gloss still on his hat and his boots. Which book this sentence could be coming from?'
    S - '...'

    This is not a fiction but reality. I only need time to do it.

    Would you be interested in this exciting project?

    I am looking for qualified English teachers on writing on editorial control and on trialling.
  2. Jingye

    Jingye New commenter

    I need qualified English teachers to help me making sample sentences. Each word needs 2-3 sample sentences.

    These sentences then are fed into 'the blackbox' to made cloze or jumbled sentences as exercises.
    As an idea, sentence 1 needs to be self-explanatory in helping student inferring (age-appropriate) the meaning.
    sentence 2 and 3 gradually become harder.
    Pupils are expected to make their own sentences .

    Since launch in September, I have yielded quiet a lot (in the region of 100) subscribers to this. To maintain a high quality and productivity, I need your help!

    The editing interface is very intuitive and aim for productivity. My 10 year old son can 'crunch' about 30-40 words in an hour.

    I can share some screenshots if you are interested.

    Here are some examples as appear in a worksheet (Sorry the 'Upload a File' function is not working for me).

    SYNONYMS: splendid, palatial, grand, lavish, luxurious
    ANTONYMS: penniless, sparse, thin

    The couple spent over eighty thousand dollars on some ________________ kitchen appliances.
    Although the hotel was filled with ________________ designer furnishings, its room rates were surprisingly affordable.
    The solid dining opulent made was table of gold

    Please feel free to get in touch.
  3. Dear, teachers. I need help. I work at a school in Belarus. in the English class I need a map of Great Britain. I have not it. Can someone send her out? Please help, very much needed
  4. Jingye

    Jingye New commenter

    I am looking for 2-3 teachers to write and prepare English sentence exercises.
    I have a set of vocabulary that need to make into cloze and jumbled sentences to aid student spelling.
    Edit online, at home and anytime that suits.
    Will pay.

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