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Calling It Quits

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by teacherwoodrow, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. teacherwoodrow

    teacherwoodrow New commenter

    I think I have just about had enough. After a stressful first month I have a lesson observation rated inadequate and in which the head of English tells me my marking is nowhere near detailed enough, my lessons are relying too much on the shared area and the kids are not making enough progress. Couple that with a heavy suggestion that I either look for another school or fail (bear in mind I have been here 4 weeks!).

    This is after I have spent every weeknight working until 10-10.30 and weekends. If that is still not enough then I guess this job is not for me. I am now actively searching for a job which does not come with this level of stress and workload; where I can come home and put my feet up, not worry about data, differentiation, resources, marking, lesson planning, homeworks, detentions, assessments, observations, meetings and all the other **** that comes with this awful, awful job.

    Best of luck to everyone else; you have my utmost respect for sticking this out.
  2. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    It sounds like it's possibly the school that's the problem, not the job itself. You will find many schools where there is not this level of stress and workload.
  3. SocialistTeach

    SocialistTeach New commenter

    This is a problem with your school. You've been a teacher for four weeks and you can't be expected to know everything yet. You need to insist on effective support from your mentor. My NQT regional service were very good (http://servicesforeducation.co.uk/index.php/Learning-Assessment/nqt.html) - I'm sure there's something similar in place for your region. Failing that, contact your union or the Teacher Support Network.
  4. loveparis77

    loveparis77 New commenter

    You can't fail on your first observation - or even on your first term. The pass or fail decision is made in the third term, until then, you can be 'on track' or 'not on track', either way, an observation should be a supportive and coaching tool, not a stick to beat you with. It would be a shame if you were to abandon teaching based on this experience, although I have been in your shoes before, so I can fully empathise with your feelings. It does, or at least, can get better. I would urge you to fight for the support you deserve and stick with it if you can, even if it is not in that school, even if you just take a break and come at it again in a different school, different approach, perhaps. The experiences I had during my NQT year in different schools were like night and day, it really is worth experiencing different settings - or at least trying everything you can to improve your current situation - before calling it quits. Best of luck.
  5. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    What lovely positive words of support for the OP here ! I admit having just read the initial post I was going to chime in with the "get out now" advice.
    I forget sometimes how much I enjoyed so much of my actual teaching. Last Saturday I went to watch some of "my girls" play hockey (against Newcastle Uni) in the Northern League i.e. quite high level of play. They won! Apart from the fact that I spent the whole 90 mins wishing I could turn the clock back and run out onto the pitch (in reality I couldn't even limp onto it!) it was a fabulous autumn day and I loved it! At the end of the game I was hugged..... and we shared some memories of memorable times and games..... 2 of the team I started on club hockey when they were still year 8s, and 2 of them played on the county squad I team managed! 2 Parents also spoke with me (one pushing his grandchild!) and went on about my coaching and how these ( er 20+ to 30+) year olds were still playing. I admit I basked a bit but got such a thrill from how many of them were still playing the game I loved (some play for another local team....alas my original team split with 2 clubs the result...if my original players were still playing on one side they would be formidable !)
    So.... OP take the good advice offered here - I doubt you will be able to enjoy the career I did as teaching was a great job 1970s to 90s.... before it started to descend into the mire it is in now. You have to learn how to roll with it all, work as life efficiently as you can whilst preserving a life of your own.
  6. teacherwoodrow

    teacherwoodrow New commenter

    Thank you all so much for your kind words of support. I have decided to throw myself into absolutely everything and see how I feel at Christmas. Spoke to my mentor, who is lovely I have to say, and he has offered some very valuable support. Tired of moping about it and a positive mental attitude the past 2 days has actually led to some good lessons. I'm still a long way off and feel like the feedback shattered my confidence, but I am rebuilding it day by day and if that is still not enough...well I'll cross that bridge if I come to it.

    Thanks again, you guys are awesome.
  7. dog_walker

    dog_walker New commenter

    Where did you do your training ??

    Surely major issues would have been pulled up before now by the training institute..
  8. SocialistTeach

    SocialistTeach New commenter

    @teacherwoodrow - good to hear! I had an absolutely hellish start to my career and only felt like I was getting anywhere near good after 2 1/2 years. Teaching takes time. It's really hard. You'll get there.

    If your school continue to imply that you should look elsewhere and criticises without supporting you, then speak to the agencies I mentioned in my first comment. They need to help you become the best teacher you can be, and you need to make sure they're fulfilling that obligation.
  9. loveparis77

    loveparis77 New commenter

    Glad to hear it. Good luck, and I hope the renewed effort pays off for you!

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