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Calling computer experts - How to get Youtube

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by piglet171, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. piglet171

    piglet171 New commenter

    Our esteemed education authority has barred Youtube from access by their machines. Is there any clever way round this? My daughter reckons using using German google.de got round banned stuff when she was at school, but it still says Youtube so not convinced.
    Or is there another site which will let me play a clip from Mary Poppins?
    I can see me singing it out of desperation!!
  2. piglet171

    piglet171 New commenter

    Our esteemed education authority has barred Youtube from access by their machines. Is there any clever way round this? My daughter reckons using using German google.de got round banned stuff when she was at school, but it still says Youtube so not convinced.
    Or is there another site which will let me play a clip from Mary Poppins?
    I can see me singing it out of desperation!!
  3. Do you have the clip you want on a dvd or VHS?
    Or try googling 'video' for the clip...
  4. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    can you download the clip it to a memory stick?
  5. lookinglost

    lookinglost New commenter

    Depends entirely on how much help your tech guys have had setting up there secure list. They may have not banned foreign youtube domains, like .de but they are often quick to fix that gap.
    You could use a proxy site, be aware that these sites often spam your browser with lots of new tabs advertising a wide range of products. If you choose one of these proxies you'll need to make sure it's not blocked either.
    Or you could even try accessing youtube via one of it's IP address;
    Also you could try the mobile youtube site m.youtube.com, but that requires you to play it off a media player on your computer in school, so I'd try it out before you use it.
    Or you could rip the video off youtube onto a pen drive and play it from that at school, something like http://keepvid.com/ .
    Be aware though that you may be breaking your authorities IT policy as well possible laws on showing a ripped video to your class.
    Excuse anything I may have missed or poor spellin/grammar. I'm in a rush out, hope one of these helps.

  6. Speak to your IT dept, someone in the LA will have the authority to unblock it. We (teachers) in my LA can use YouTube but pupils don't have access.
  7. Put the URL into Zamzar and it will convert it to a flash file for you or another file type if you want.
  8. lookinglost

    lookinglost New commenter

    You should give keepvid.com a go, it's faster than the free version of Zamzar, and the paid one too in my experience. Pretty much the same idea, but keepvid is designed only to deal with videos.
  9. lookinglost

    lookinglost New commenter

    I wish our IT dept were as helpful as that, I also know of a number of LA IT depts who are even less accommodating. From my experience of IT depts they seem to have a large number of staff trained only to work Microsoft machines that don't have the skill to work in Industry let alone for tech company.
  10. I suggest you, along with others, continually request access to you tube. CFE is supposed to be all about using a variety of modern resources to access information. By removing access to one of the biggest free repositories of information, they are making it difficult for you to develop the new curriculum.
    In times of cutbacks, authorities should be doing everything in their power to allow schools access to free resources.
    I'd find likeminded and explore how best to request access.
  11. lookinglost

    lookinglost New commenter

    There has been a huge drive for over a year to allow teachers access to youtube, requests to the Director of Education as well as petitions to the DofE and other relevant parties, discussions with councillors, and from me a personal e-mail each week. They have all ended in a similar way;
    "You can't have access to youtube as you may access something inappropriate/ use it for non work related tasks."
    That to me is the response of a Sys Admin with little skill and is just an excuse to give them an easy life. From discussion with teachers from other regions there seems to be similar attitude from their IT depts too.
    You are right though, you do have to keep asking, keep being a nuisance and they do normally relent.
  12. Internet use will monitored across all areas of the authority. It's a fairly poor cop out to say that teacher may use it to access inappropriate content - may as well ban them from entering bookshops during their lunchbreak in case they buy an erotic novel and use it with a class. It's a ridiculous excuse. The more parallels you draw with other media, the more apparent the ridiculousness is. Why not ban DVD players in class lest some unruly teacher bring in Saw2. How about banning pencils in case a teacher draws a pair of breasts on the board?
    We are teachers. Professionals. We have a responsibility to provide quality education to the children sitting in front of us and we don't take that responsibility lightly. The GTCS is there to deal with teachers who are inappropriate in any way, including showing children inappropriate material, so theres no need to ban youtube. If the authority uses the excuse that youtube cant be used in case teachers use it inappropriately, then they are basically saying they can't trust teachers to be professional. I consider that to be unprofessional on the part of the authority.
    Correct. Unfortunately. It's easier to block something than to monitor it.
    Not all authorities ;) It's worth persevering.
  13. I'm primary and asked why we couldn't have acccess to YouTube last year, as I was also on a secondment at secondary and they did - the response from the IT Technician was that as we leave Pc's on/signed in anybody could access them and see what they want. He wasn't best pleased with me asking but then again neither was I with his reply... Obviously as a primary teacher I'm not repsonsible enough [​IMG]
  14. You don't say which song's involved, but you could try the wonderful singup.org; a quick search show there are a few Mary Poppins songs there which might get you out of your desperate singing gig!
    The number of Scottish schools with access to YouTube is steadily increasing. I work in East Lothian, where everyone with a school network login (staff and students in 6 secondaries and their feeder primaries) has had YouTube access since a joint IT and Education decision in November 2008 to trial it for 6 months. That experience was so well received that there was no going back. A planned end-of-trial survey was abandoned as a waste of everyone's time.
    Our reasons for taking this step went beyond providing staff with an additional teaching resource, though, the main concern in this thread. Additional reasons included:

    • support for high-value, engaging learning activities for a real audience

    • to avoid disconnecting learners from such a huge, accessible learning resource

    • to enable active learning about safe and responsible use of social web sites
    • improved parental involvement through sharing video of learning activities on school blogs
    • improved engagement through active engagement with the culture of modern learners
    If you use Google to search eduBuzz.org for the word youtube ("site:edubuzz.org youtube") you can see some usage examples. (http://bit.ly/eb_youtube) I'm happy to share our experience if it's useful elsewhere.
    One final point which may be a factor in some schools, but isn't mentioned here, is that it's possible that restrictions on popular video sites such as iPlayer and YouTube may have their basis in concerns over bandwidth implications. Now that Glow Interconnect 2 provides a high-speed connection to LAs that aspect isn't a concern, but there is still wide variation at the school level.
    David Gilmour

  15. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Contact your local union secretary (you are a union member surely?). Ask that person to raise the issue with the Director directly or for discussion on your LNCT.

    There may be issues about bandwidth but I suspect it will simply be some Council jobsworth with no experience of classroom teaching who associates Youtube with happyslapping etc. I use youtube clips all the time as starter activities etc. Frankly, I would not like to teach without it now.
  16. There have been a few threads about this on the main personal forum. Go to the forum and then search for youtube. You should be able to find the answer to most YT/downloading questions there!
    I did have one particularly useful one saved in my hotlist, but when our LA finally gave up and let us have YT last year, I deleted it.
  17. squeakyhaggis

    squeakyhaggis New commenter

    If all else fails, it is possible to download clips from youtube with realplayer (a free download). It is a pain having to do this at home, but it does get round it.
  18. I use Youtube Downloader (google it) it's free and legal (probably). Download at home and put the clips you want on your pendrive, or your GLOW or wiki page. It's very quick and should let you convert files to different formats. I use it all the time with 100% success. I wouldn't want Primary School children accessing Youtube at school as there is a lot of iffy and 'adult' stuff on there, as well as cool videos of skateboarding dogs!

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