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Calling all winter/spring babies 2011 - Swine Flu Vaccination

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by schooling2, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I am in a bit of a dilemma about the seasonal flu/swine flu vaccination. I am now 28 +5 and had the letter about a month ago inviting me to have it, but havent done anything about it as Im a little unsure on it. I keep changing my mind about it all! [​IMG]
    I was wondering if anyone out there had had the vaccination or what their thoughts are on it? My midwife was unsurprisingly impartial about it and I know it needs to be my decision in the end. I just cant seem to find many who have had it recently.
    I have an appointment booked for the 20th Dec, but I keep thinking I could always cancel. I dont go on maternity till 28th Jan, so technically have 4 school weeks left. January is always the worst time of year for bugs Ive found and now funnily enough in the news this morning is a report that Swine Flu is back and all pregnant woment/high risk people should go and get vaccinated.
    So ladies what have you decided to do?
  2. I haven't specifically been offered it, but I haven't and won't be requesting it either - difficult decision.
  3. I'm 39+1 and haven't been offered it (would probably turn it down anyway) which suggests to me my PCT don't consider it a risk - would've thought if it was a major problem we'd all be offered it as standard! Having said that, I'm no longer at work and have turned into a maternity leave hermit so wouldn't have the same public contact you'd have during flu season.
  4. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    I was offered it by midwife and doctor. However, when I had a flu vaccine about 5 years ago it made me really poorly for 24 hours. I also had swine flu last year so I hoped that I have some anti bodies against it ( I don't know how quickly it mutates- but I got my tutor group to ask their science teachers!). You need to look at the risks if you were to catch swine flu, i think it's different for different stages of pregnancy. It is more risky for pregnant women to catch it though, which is why technically it is being offered to every pregnant woman ( even though obviously some docs/midwives have been slow to do so). Perhaps speak to your doctor as they will have all the pros and cons. Good luck. PM (39 + 2)
  5. I've had the vaccine - I wasn't offered it as such, there were just signs up round the surgery saying if you were in one of the following groups then please make an appointment so I did and didn't have any side-effects at all. I had it for two reasons, firstly I felt that the complications with getting flu outweighed any side-effects that I might have with the vaccine and also I'd already had a bad cold when pregnant and I couldn't face the thought of the flu with only paracetamol. (I normally end up with the flu around November which was just before I went on maternity leave so didn't want to risk getting the viruses flying around school.)
    I did do quite a bit of research before I had the vaccine though, as I'm not keen on putting extra stuff into my body unnecessarily and I found that:
    A lot of the stories that made the news last year were about the Swine flu jab (the vaccine being offered this year is the seasonal flu jab which is not made in exactly the same way as the swine flu jab) which contained adjuvants and just the one inactive virus. Adjuvants had never been tested on pregnant women before, hence the stories in the press (you can't do trials on pregnant women as it's not ethical.) There are also stories about the swine flu vaccine containing mercury - thiomersal which helps the shelf life of the vaccine, however this isn't used in the seasonal flu vaccine: (Again formed a major part of the stories in the press last year.)
    Thiomersal is not an added component of the seasonal flu vaccine
    however it is used in the manufacturing process therefore trace amounts
    (<0.5 &micro;g per dose) than may remain in the vaccine after manufacture.

    Thiomersal contains Ethel-mercury which is not harmful to human
    health and is metabolised and removed from the body unlike
    methyl-mercury, which is harmful to health as it builds up in the body.
    Methyl-mercury is not contained in any vaccines. - from the NHS inform website.
    However it's completely up to you whether to have the vaccine or not hence your midwife being impartial. They can't force you either way.
  6. I had it last year and had no side effects at all. I didn't think I had anything to lose by having it, but quite a lot to lose if I caught swine flu. I agree with the previous post. I am very suspicious about any science news being reported now (I'm a science teacher) after the debarkle that was the MMR vaccination (which my GG will also be having).
  7. Hmmm, thanks ladies.
    Ive already had one cold into this pregnancy and it knocked me for six and I don't fancy that again. Then I read about it causing misccarriages and stillborn births. There seems to have been more negative press about it than good.
    The post about the mercury was interesting as that is what Ive heard about it containing mercury. But if it is reasbsorbed by the body then it is less of a concern. It was just the whole fact of what the implications (if any) would be in 5, 10 or 30 years from now for them.
    It's going to keep me awake at night this week I think!

  8. I had it last year and apart from a very sore arm for about 24 hours-ouch!!- was fine. Think I'd have it again if necessary.
  9. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Ditto above. Had it in 3rd trimester, had a sore arm for about a day and that was about it.Had a very healthy baby boy nearly 3 months ago now x
  10. I asked the midwife about it and she seemed quite positive about me having it although I had said to myself that I wouldn't have it. She said that it gives the baby a bit of immunity too and that quite a lot of tiny babies are admitted to hospital with chest problems in the late winter / early spring so I had it. Like an earlier poster said I had a dreadful cold in August which lasted weeks and weeks and I'm still coughing from that and I really don't want to catch flu. I did have a red, bruised arm for several days after. It's up to you but personally I'm quite confident that it's safe, they wouldn't give it so widely if it wasn't, although a few people will always report problems with it.
  11. Hello

    I had the vaccine when I was 10 weeks (now 19+4) and other than taking one day off due to a sore arm and loss of voice (which may have been totally unrelated) I have been fine. As is baby so far as I know (had 20 week scan yesterday).
    My nurse was adamant it was perfectly safe and as my OH and several pupils have all had/got flu and so far I have not suffered I think that personally for me in my situation it was the right decision. We had many sleepless nights about it but in the end went with what we thought was best as the complications of flu were worse than the risks of the vaccine.
    My vaccine was not a live one and according to the NHS contained no mercury traces.
    My pregnant friend in another PCT was initially advised no but has now been advised yes.
    Hope that helps x
  12. That's what I was told too about mine. I'm glad I had it now and haven't given it a second thought since.
  13. Wylfie

    Wylfie New commenter

    I had no hesitation about having both vaccinations over half term. My midwife was overjoyed that I asked about it. I weighed up the pros and cons and have found out to my cost that even a simple cold hit me for six so anything worse could be more severe. We all know that children are little incubators for everything this time of year and if i could reduce the risks in any way then I had to do so. Apart from a very mild headache the next day no side effects. Hope this helps?!
  14. I was getting letters a couple months back but didn't respond as i didn't want it. I then found out that a pregnant woman near me has just died of swine flu so i went yesterday to get it. it's the dead form of the virus which is apparently is safe according to the nurse. Have not had any side effects but currently riddled with crazy tonsilitis so I'm in hope that perhaps it will magically fix that too!
  15. I had jab a week or so ago, as a friend who was pregnant got swine flu and ending up being induced because the baby's movements had slowed a lot. I was abit worried, but it certainly put my OHs mind at rest.
  16. I am 7 weeks + 5 and am suffering from a horrible cold. When I am much better I am definitely going to get the jab. I wished I had it before the cold (I'm not sure if the jabs would help any minor things like cold??) anyway, when I was with the midwife for the first time on NYE, she offered it to me and then said she could do it there and then (oh why didn't I say yes?!) but I said no as naturally I wanted to think about it. Ironically the next day I got a cold and have been in bed ever since :eek:( When I get better, I will try and book for a jab on a Friday, just in case I have any effects, then at least I can recover over the weekend.
  17. In fact! After reading all this it's just prompted me to book an appointment for a jab after school on Friday, and if I still have my cold she said just call and I can re-book :)
    I'll let you know how it goes.
  18. silvercrayon

    silvercrayon New commenter

    Booked flu jab, going 2moro. Pros do seem to outway the cons. 30 cold ridden kids 2moro- bring on the hand washing!

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