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Calling all those who ttc for a long time before getting their bfp!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by emclare, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Have been ttc for a year now and going to be making a doc's appointment asap. In the meantime I was wondering whether any of you out there would be willing to share any tips on getting a bfp. Basically what I want to know is, if you were ttc for a long time before getting your bfp was there anything different you tried in the month(s) leading up to getting your bfp?
    Many Thanks
  2. I was trying for 7 months so not that long really. I started using the cough mixture and preseed. I drank loads more water and ate as much fruit and veg as I could. I knew next month I would be taking clomid so i had kinda given up and just dtd becausewe wanted to. We also DTD every 3rd day as opposed to every other but this was more because I wasn't meant to ovulate until day 29 (I had irregular and long cycles) and this month I had already got my bfp on that date. I obviously ovulated much earlier than I thought.
    HTH's and good luck.
  3. We were trying for around 18 months (if I remember rightly) and when I got my bfp we'd taken a couple of months off trying, gone on a big blow-out style holiday and just tried to stop obsessing about everything so much. In terms of diet I'd just eaten pretty much what I'd wanted on that holiday, but I had been doing a lot of running in the month leading up to it. No idea if this did anything but it's got to be good for all round health! I really wish you all the best with your journey, it's so hard to stay positive - I'll never forget that feeling. Just try to retain a glimmer of hope at all times. HTH
  4. Thanks slc and La Mariposa.
    Thinking it might be time to take a break and stop googling etc!!!

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