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Calling: All St Mary's University Primary PGCE Applicants!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by shezza86, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Dear All,
    I have been reading the TES religiously upon finding it a week ago...and with all the posts am failing to find St.Mary's applicants! Where r u guys?
    Lets provide support for those with upcoming interviews...and support with the presentations. I'm finding it hard to think of a topic...suggestions peeps!

  2. hey, have my interview in Twickenham next week! Really don't feel prepared at all even though have been reading up for ages! Dreading my presentation!
  3. Hi,
    Yes I also have my interview next week (Wednesday), and am getting quite nervous!! I'm particularly dreading the presentation, but am hoping that by the time the presentations come around that I will have relaxed into the day a little bit.
  4. Hi frizzylizzy, mine is wednesday too, i feel so badly prepared.I have been reading up things but I just am so worried! I don't know if I'm doing the right things. As for the presentation, don't know what to do! I have changed my mind about my topic so many times that it's slightly all over the place! How is your preparation?
  5. Yes, I've been reading up too but not sure how much current stuff we will demonstrate as the individual interview is only 10 minutes I'm guessing there's only going to be time for basic questions.
    I've also changed my mind several times about the presentation. I'm hoping it's not really what you have chosen that counts, but more about your communication and presentation skills and whether they can see you being effective with a class of children. So, I'm more worried about going to pieces and my voice going all wobbly!!
  6. That's true, but then it would be great to stand out even more with a great idea. I'm going to see my class teacher for guidance next week, I'm lucky to have a couple of weeks left to prepare.
    I get the impression that for the individual interviews there will be 2, maximum 3 people. I think any more than that will be unecessary and probably a little intimidating.
  7. I have an interview on Wednesday too! Scary times!!! I wonder how many people they are interviewing altogether??? I'm in such a pickle with my presentation, haven't thought of what i'm going to say yet! I don't think you have to do it in front of many people though which isn't too bad. Slightly anxious as to what the other tests will include as well!
    Best of luck to everyone!
  8. I think there will be a fair few people there, I'm taking a wild guess of 10-20! U'l be fine Kayleigh, just use the bbc KS2 bitesize revision for the tests....particularly maths. I found it shocking how much I had forgotten! Good luck for wednesdsy!
  9. Yeah I was also thinking it's more to see how we cope standing in front of a group talking, but still wanted an ok topic hehe. I was the same with maths, I was quite good at school, but had forgotten more than i thought i would have! It seems like there's a few of us here going on Wednesday, best of luck everyone! It'so close, it really crept up fast.
  10. Yes, good luck everyone. It's coming around quickly. Now, I'm also having worries about what to wear!!! So many things to think about!
  11. Oh I was worrying about clothes to hehe. Still not quite sure!
  12. I reckon smart/casual, not topshop stuff (way too informal) and not suits direct either (too stiff!)!... but something you may wear as a teacher.
  13. That's what I was thinking too shezza, something a teacher would wear.
  14. Phew, that;s what I was hoping. Was just going to go for a smart shirt and trousers or something rather than a suit.
  15. Yeah, I think as long as you look smart and groomed that's the main thing. Ah I'm so nervous!
  16. Anyone else worried about whether the snow is going to make your journey difficult, to the interview tomorrow? I'm worried about getting to the station and then whether my train will be running, as I live out in Berkshire.
  17. Did you make it to the interview?...The snow sounds like a pain for you guys!
    If you did how did it go? Is it what you expected?...If not have they resceduled with everyone?
  18. I'm absolutely gutted to say that I couldn't make it. When I managed to get to the station yesterday morning they told me that the trains weren't running into London. I had to leave them a message and an email as there was nobody available to speak to and I haven't heard anything back.[​IMG]
  19. firzzylizzy Im so sorry to hear you missed it! I would definitely say you weren't alone, there were 45 of us there and there were supposed to be 55. In really hope they understand and reschedule. I would keep trying to ring. What number were you ringing?
  20. I only have the main switchboard number. Do you have any other number?

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