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Calling all Reception newbies!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Coffeeandcake1, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I am moving to Reception next year after five happy years, mostly spent in Ks2 (Last year I did teach Y1 which I loved & this has led to me moving to Rec). Its all very exciting but at the moment I feel like a rabbit in the headlights. I can be heard in pubs and cafe's accross London saying to other EY teacher friends "You let them PLAY? Its GOOD to PLAY? ALL DAY?" Love the sound of the EY ethos but its all so very different to Year 6 maths!
    Thought I would start a thread to see if the're anyone out there as nervous/excited/downright confused as me? Perhaps we can share some ideas over the coming weeks & share our triumphs / disasters when the children arrive?
    In the spirit of honesty I will begin by saying that I am slightly lost trying to plan without the Primary Framework (which I moaned about for so many years!). Anyone else?
    Coffee x
  2. Hi coffee,
    Are you starting in R this year, as in now or in a years time? I am new to a R/Y1 class, new school and was previously teaching Y1 and I fully agree with the issues planning without the framework, I have spent many hours scouring the internet for help.
    It is nice to know I'm not alone in thinking this! I am hoping the change will be a good one!
  3. What a refreshingly HONEST perspective you have coffee! You will do so well as you seek to find something challenging. Go for what you believe! Take risks, fall flat on your face, but do pick yourself up and try to be different. The easy way is the safe way,
  4. Hi Sammy,
    Sorry, yes, I'm starting in Reception next week ('this year' just sounded too scary! As you say, I'm sure it will be a really nice change. Glad to hear I'm not alone in the planning! Have you spent much time at the new school yet?

    Thanks Julia, what a lovely comment. And don't worry - falling on my face comes naturally to me! (as does picking myself up and finding a large glass of wine!)

    Coffee x

  5. Ooo I'll join you with the glass of wine! I have spent two days in school and am heading in tomorrow, children in Monday. Classroom was a real mess, I'm not sure how long it'll take me to settle into the 'play' scene.
    When do your children arrive?
  6. Wine after picking yourself up .. or before the fall?

    All in all
    it's the same thing!!
  7. Ugh,

    I hate inheriting messy classrooms. Mine is having building work on it during the holidays so who knows what state it will be in on Monday? Luckily no children for us until the 12th.
  8. L10

    L10 New commenter

    YES YES YES!!! I feel exactly the same, infact just been saying that very thing today. I'm terrified!

  9. Hi Coffee
    Yes I am a Reception newbie. I've been teaching in KS! for the past 15 years mostly in Y1. Our headteacher has decided that myself and the EYFS should swap!!!
    I was mega keen when she suggested it last October but now it's nearly here......!!
    Seriously, I am really looking forward to it. Last year my classroom was run a bit similar to Reception for the first term and I had sand, and a lot of continuous provision. But the planning bit for EYFS is the bit I'm finsing really tricky. What to fit into the day? How many adult focused activities? What happens when not all the kids do the activity? So many questions.
    I have 2 weeks of transition where I've got only 14 children for morning & afternoon with the 2nd week having a lunchtime cross over, if that makes sense.
    It's gonna be fun and i shall be buying my winter school wardrobe from Tesco lol
  10. Hehe, so glad to hear that i'm not alone!
    I'm also looking forward to it, although similarly, I was really excited back in June and now - pure terror!
    Right, at the risk of sounding stupid, this is how I am organising things to start with (although I am a little at the mercy of my school's rather structured expectations at the mo).
    1. In the morning my school is pretty insistent that there needs to be a CLL (9:15-10:15) and a PSRN (11:00-12:00) session. Each session will involve a whole class teaching input, followed by 2 adults taking focus groups while the other children play for the rest of the session.Evidence from these focus groups & one more PSRN/CLL based observation of CI work will form that week's evidence in their learning journeys (plus 2 pieces of evidence from the afternoon to cover other areas of learning).
    2. I will have a separate phonics session from 10:15-10:30 but try to link it to the literacy topic where possible.
    I used the development matters statements in bold to create a medium term plan for literacy and numeracy and used the EYFS profile points to create observation focuses. I also found the numbers & patterns document quite useful in planning PSRN although by then I was a bit overwhelmed and to be honest I didn't really take much of it in (its now been stuffed to the back of a cupboard).
    Afternoon - lovely, topicy type thing to cover other areas of learning. Again, one whole class teaching input followed by one adult group for RE (a requirement in our school) and one related to the week's learning. I was thinking that one week I would focus on gathering evidence for PD/CD and the next for PSED/KUW.
    End the day with story time / talk for writing, chuck in a few writedance/number games/PE sessions in the hall & there it is!
    Phew - don't know when I'll fit in time for observations but hoping that if a focus group only takes about 20 mins then there's time in each session to have a wander afterwards & check out what other children are doing.
    The main thing I'm finding REALLY hard is resisting the urge to plan all of our weekly topics & how the learnign will fit into them. I know you're meant to respond to the children's needs but my organisational control freak is rebelling!
    Is this simlar to what others have planned? Would love to hear your take on it all and am very happy to share my medium term plans (although cannot vouch for whether they are correct!)

    Coffee x

  11. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I would also say don't be afraid of asking for help no one will think any the less of you
  12. WOW coffee, doesn't sound to me at all that you are new to EYFS! Have you had support from your school with all this? I haven't been given much at the moment and will be armed with a hundred questions tomorrow for the support staff who are in EYFS! I haven't planned anything yet as the previous Reception teacher went on maternity and I never got the planning file etc etc so I don't have alot to go off at all. I don't even know the timetable, but have been told to basically keep everything the same and go along with what was done last year, but still don't really know anything about how things are run in there!

    I would really appreciate it if you would share your planning to give me an idea of how I should begin! I think I will mainly do circle times and maybe an RE focus too in the first week but I only have mine in the mornings, so hopefully I won't be too overwhelmed in my first week!

    Thanks for the help :)
  13. email address would help wouldn't it....


    thanks again if you're able to send :)
  14. I'm new to Year R too and would love to join this thread too. I have some planning from the previous teacher but only the first 3 weeks of the autumn term short term planning. Not a thing else. But I'm sure all will be ok.
    Willettes1982@hotmail.co.uk Good luck everyone.
  15. I am in exactly the same boat as you, although I will be in on Friday so will see the situation then. Very excited about starting, really just want to get in my classroom now...
  16. If it's possible I would love to have a look at the first few weeks planning that previous posters said they have so I can get some more ideas for my first few weeks. Have some general ideas for first week, mainly PSED/circle time, coming up with our classroom rules, treasure hunt for resources in the classroom so they know where everything is and hopefully help their independence, walk around the school. Was wondering when people were thinking about starting phonics and whether they would be going straight in to letters and sounds phase 2 or going through some phase 1 stuff first.
    Anyway here is my e-mail address if any lovely people have a spare moment to send those plans they mentioned to me. davebarrable@hotmail.com
    Thanks and good luck with the start of term everyone!!!
  17. treasure hunt sounds great, think I might have to join in too, hope to go to school tomorrow for a good search of resources and how to use the photocopier, set up pegs and so on. I'm an nqt, so also new to having children at this time of the year. In regards to phonics I was thinking of using some of the phaase 1 games, making sounds, singing songs and just having fun getting to know each other, building relationships and so on. Then into phase 2, which is what I have been told to look at, but nothing planned just yet. Just incase I'm wrong!
    Really excited, and a little nervous, good luck to you all tooo!!!! xox
  18. Hi
    Coffee, your daily plan sounds very much like mine. We will also have to attend assemblies (eventually) as we are a church school.
    I've been into school quite a bit over the hols (about 4 days in total) as I wanted to completly move the classroom round, plus I have had sheds and the outdoor area to sort too.
    My objectives for the first couple of weeks are:
    • get to know the children
    • introduce routines, rules & consequences through our behaviour scheme (we follow Going for Green)!
    • tour of school in small groups with TA
    • complete baseline assessments
    • model how to use the different areas
    • show how to tidy up and put things away
    We shall begin with Phase 2 letters & sounds by about the 3rd week. Remember all reception children should be secure at phase 3 by the end of the year. The pressure is on a bit more this year as Y1 teachers are having to 'test' their children in the Summer term where 80% of y1 children should be secure at Phase 5 by the end of the year. This is my Literacy co-ordinator brain talking now.
  19. Hi everyone,
    So nice to hear lots of other people in the same boat! I am very lucky in that the previous reception teacher is a close friend of mine so has passed on lots of bits & pieces (so I have a structure at least, even if I don't really understand much aboutwhat/why!). Although I don't really want to use her planning too much (as in my experience, working from someone else's plans is always the kiss of death!) its been really really helpful in getting started.
    LOVE love love the idea of the treasure hunt! Have you planned how you will arrange it at all?
    Happy to email and bits I've got so far. We don't start PSRN/CLL until week 5 when all the on-entry assessments have been completed. Until then the children do simple activities (Getting to know you & learning to use the equipment). Would love to see your first few weeks' planning Willettes, if poss? x

    PS: has anyone thought about whether or not / in what way they are going to teach handwriting/letter formation? Seems to be a contoversial topic.

  20. Hi, just popping in to say hello as i am new to foundation this year. I have been at home with my children for the last 7 years (well we did go out sometimes) and returned to some supply in January. When teaching previously I was in KS2 but am looking forward to being in FS2. I'm only part time, working every morning and having spent a whole day in school, am exhausted so will have a proper read of all those lovely ideas over the weekend and contribute when I can. p.s I too am a little scared!! but excited too

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