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Calling all PSHE teachers!

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by kcso, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. kcso

    kcso New commenter

    We are a small charity based in South Wales who offer a range of resources and workshops on online safety for all ages (primary and secondary).

    We are looking into launching a country-wide project to deliver free online safety workshops for upwards of 10,000 children. The topics covered will include but not limited to cyberbullying, radicalisation, avoiding scams etc. all essential knowledge for a school pupil.

    At the moment we are still in the planning stage of this project would therefore like to know if you would consider hosting such a workshop in your school. By declaring an interest you are in no way bound to anything, we are simply looking into whether there is enough interest in the project and if it will be a viable and worthwhile exercise for us

    Thank you!
  2. rosebuddylan

    rosebuddylan New commenter

    I would be interested in your service.
  3. kcso

    kcso New commenter

  4. V5694

    V5694 New commenter

    I've only just seen this but I would be interested in this service.
  5. brinda_maddur

    brinda_maddur New commenter

    I would be interested in this service

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