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Calling all Photography Teachers! - Advice when filling in Job applications as an NQT

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by kmheffernan_photo, May 5, 2017.

  1. kmheffernan_photo

    kmheffernan_photo New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I am a NQT specialism Photography. I have been applying for roles at various schools and colleges since February and haven't had any offers for interview yet. I don't know If this is due to my area just being Photography and not Art & Design (as many jobs ask for both)

    I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for when I'm applying, things to defiantly include on the application etc.

    My background in photography stretches to nearly 8 years, having studied it at various levels and worked within the industry so I feel my knowledge is extremely high. But for some reason I haven't been able to secure an interview at various schools/colleges. I just keep getting told "there were other candidates with more experience".

    Is it because I'm just newly qualified? My PGCE 14+ was obtained at Bolton University and I have worked extremely hard to gain this qualification.

    Any constructive feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. kirandreas

    kirandreas New commenter

    join the club....and I'm not a qualified teacher yet and as a technician, on the same subject with almost 30 years experience, I also hit a wall with similar rejections! I almost believe it is something to do with perhaps being overqualified on the subject of photography. Don't despair, persevere. It is an incredibly empowering and esteem building subject to teach. Sorry, I just realized this a note of commiseration rather constructive advice but hopefully, it leaves you with the thought that you're not alone. Good Luck!

  3. Paulatwork

    Paulatwork New commenter

    And from the other end of the telescope I've had 15 years experience of teaching art and photography. My school has decided to concentrate on the eBacc so art and photography have been dropped and I'm redundant and on the job market. I can't get interviews, I feel that my age and salary are working against me. In answer to the original post, you will be hard pressed to find a school that just delivers photography, it is usually taught with art. Tell them you can do both....
  4. gdoolan84

    gdoolan84 New commenter

  5. co803cm

    co803cm New commenter

    As Paulatwork posted above, you are unlikely to get a school teaching job if you are only offering photography. Depending on your knowledge and experience, if you could offer art as a teaching subject many more doors would be open to you. Another option might be to offer English or maths (if you can?) as these are currently shortage subjects, or at least any other subject. Colleges do advertise for just photography lecturers (usually for the Btec or UAL (level 2 or 3) or A level, but these jobs are usually fractional (part time).

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