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Calling all PE Teachers - Make planning easier

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by andrewtoward, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Visit www.physicaleducationexperts.com and make your planning easier....

    It has just begun one week ago and we already have nearly 100 members uploading and sharing

    This is a great website for GTP, PGCE and NQT

    So visit www.physicaleducationexperts.com
  2. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Physical Education Experts
    Sorry can't get past the name!
  3. I signed up - you have to to see what there is....
    Very, very new and, not surprisingly almost empty!
    It's irritating too as it is highly nested, you click and click and click and eventually get to a single resource!
    Oddly there are 2 bits for discussions:
    PE Forum - a forum
    PE chat - a live chat thing - which seems a bit OTT/redundant!
    That and it is set up for GCSE, so I shan't get any use out of it!

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