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Calling all NQTs (or people with NQTs in their department)

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by NRICH_Alison, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Over the past couple of years, NRICH have been running Teacher Inspiration Days. This year, we've also managed to secure some funding to run a day for NQTs. The aim will be to introduce the NRICH website and spend some time working on rich tasks and discussing how to use such tasks in the classroom.
    Here is my problem; it's been a while since I was an NQT and I'm struggling to remember what it was like in order to decide what sort of workshops would be of most use. Here are just a few thoughts I've had:
    • Using rich tasks for the first time - where to start?
    • How to structure a lesson or series of lessons working on open ended tasks
    • Different ways to incorporate rich tasks into a topic - as introductions, consolidations, revision
    If you are an NQT, or you have an NQT in your department, what sort of
    outcomes would you want from a professional development day on the
    subject of rich tasks? Obviously we want the day to be a success but most of all we want to put on an event which is genuinely useful to participants. (If you think it's the sort of thing you (or a colleague) might be interested in, it will be on Friday June 24th, more details will appear on the NRICH site soon and will be sent out by email to all those registered on the NRICH mailing list.)

    Thanks in anticipation for any helpful comments [​IMG]
    Cross-posted to NQT forum too.
  2. Alison - as someone who was on your teacher inspiration days last year can I say that this is really exciting. We will have two NQT's in our department next year and I wouldn't hesitate to sign them up to your course.
    I think, from an NQT perspective, it is taking the fear factor out of the open-ended ness of the tasks. We tackle that in the department by doing as many of the tasks ourselves in planning time using the role cards where appropriate or discussing different methods of using them in the classroom.
    There is also the element of teaching children how to work together - so directing them to your learning to work in groups tasks would be worthwhile.
    I am sure whatever you decide to do on the day it will be a worthwhile endeavour.
  3. I was an NQT last year in a London primary school. Of all the courses I went on, the most useful days were ones in which I was shown something I could actually use in lessons. Some practical advice on how to use NRICH tasks in lessons would be perfect. I think your ideas for focuses are spot on. I will be sending our new NQT along! [​IMG]

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