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Calling all Male KS1 Teachers... Need a confidence booster before my PGCE!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ishy_999, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Thanks Steve, great advice, it's nice to know that there are male teachers out there who are at key stage 1 and are enjoying it. I can't wait to train to become a teacher, and I know I will be a role model to the children, as I could see the children were looking uo to me when I did my voluntry experience.

    Thanks to everyone for posting
  2. I think children relate differently to men and women in schools, and as stated previously in some cases we are the only male role models some children have. For example, I recently went in to teach Year One (I'm SLT so don't have my own class) and the minute I walked in two boys burst into tears saying 'I don't want a man' because they'd both been treated badly by men in the past. So now we've put things in place where key stage one children are sometimes sent to me and other male staff when they've done good things in order to develop a more positive view of men.

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